Challenge #02719-G162: Played For a Sap

Come on body, just hold it in. Suppress the emotion for a few more hours. We can die from embarrassment when we get home. -- Anon Guest

He might have said they called him Sap because he was a blunt instrument. There was a story he told about being found in the woods, covered in tree sap and using it to trap and eat small animals to survive. The truth was, he was a City Tief[1], raised in the gutter, educated by osmosis, and like the city rats, steeped in cunning and guile. He called himself Sap because he still believed in love.

What he was now - besides beaten, bruised, and bloody - was also betrayed. He didn't say, "You said you were my friend" because creatures like himself didn't get friends. The closest a Tiefling could get were temporary allies who currently found the Tiefling in question to be convenient. He did say, "You let me think you liked me. Well played."

The villain of the piece - a temporarily convenient ally - seemed put out by the fact that Sap didn't let them scoff and preen. They tried for it anyway. "What, like it's hard? Your kind are anyone's for a gentle touch and a kind word."

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