Bread Day Secundus

The bikkies turned out more like scones with bits in. Meh. They'll be all right with butter or whipped cream. There's a little of that too-much-stevia aftertaste, but I don't find it deplorable.

I might be the only one.

Time will tell.

The dough I made yesterday is thawing and proofing before the big form and bake that will be happening later today. I shall also ask Beloved to slice one loaf when it is done. Maybe that will improve the rate of consumption of same in the house. I don't have to worry about flour for a while, so we shouldn't have to fret about bread either.

I've used up the last of the white bread flour in today's loaf. I still have some spelt wholemeal, but I'm feeding the starters with the organic stoneground wholemeal.

I'll use up the last of the spelt sometime Real Soon Now.

In the news: Queensland has had zero cases for four days now. Ten more to go. I'm keeping tabs via QLD health and the government resources rather than the news. The news is on the side of corporate interests, but Queensland Health's motivation is not losing money by getting people into hospital for lingering, long-lasting health problems.

The protests continue, including the fact that police buildings have emptied themselves in the states. One of them had the police building a terribly unsafe wall with zero evident knowledge of building anything at all.

Highlights include:

  • Vertically stacked cinderblocks [big Besser bricks] instead of an actual brick interlock
  • Highly-flammable expansion foam in lieu of mortar
  • Random bits of plywood stuck to the outside
  • Coils of barbed wire weighed down on the top with metal rods
  • Structural support filing cabinets
  • Blocking off the footpath in clear violation of building code law

I can't wait to see what the Hollywood Spin Doctors do to this one to make the police look heroic when facing down protestors who don't actually do anything to destroy police property. All the abandoned police precinct buildings have been left entirely alone by the protestors. They're not falling for that bait for sure.

It's almost midday, and I should get a rattle on with the story instead of futzing about with nonsense.