Challenge #02718-G161: One Cozy Afternoon in a Test Colony Complex

They'd been surveying the planet for several months now, the haven-worlders and their human friends. The planet was more than sufficient for colonization, that seemed to be sure, but they wanted to see how the changing of the seasons played out in full. Sitting within the large shelter base they'd set up, the humans feeding more wood into the fireplace they'd absolutely insisted on building into the design of the base, the captain had an odd feeling of peace as they relaxed on the lounger by the window. Springtime rain was pattering on the roof, the crew and scientists were talking, some playing games of dice, the crackle of the very well contained fire which brought extra warmth into this place. They realized they felt... content tonight. This place felt like... well it felt like home. From when they were young. A rainy night like this? Made them look forward to when this place opened for colonization and they could bring their family here. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a newly-discovered world. It's almost inevitable. The hazards encountered, planet by planet, result in solutions. Problems solved generations prior in other, harsher environments make the milder ones far more amenable. Sometimes, a world is just right. In this case, just the right amount of challenges to make it a perfect 'tough love' colony for level two Havenworlders and a relaxing resort world for their Human counterparts.

They still had to test it for a year. Most of the planetary climate was temperate, but there was always the chance of seasonal surprises. The atmosphere was both breathable and fragrant, the edible flora and fauna plentiful and easily farmed. Life on the new world was good. The Humans did insist on adding a fireplace to the communal space of the habitat, but that was Humans for you. They'd do the strangest things for the most nonsensical of reasons.

The logic of it came at last during a rainy evening with nothing better to do. The Humans were playing one of their more complicated games involving dice, mathematics, and making things up with varying degrees of hilarity. Thork was huddled up with their nestmate under one of the fluffier blankets and listening to the fire crackle and the rain patter against roof and window alike.

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