Time Off

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Challenge #03670-J017: Nothing Scheduled

The station was quiet, well as quiet as a major hub could be, but more than that, it was peaceful. They sat in the garden, enjoying the relaxation, nibbling on snacks, and petting a cleaner, who was scooping up the snack crumbs. -- Anon Guest

Rare indeed in the public service industries is an entire day off. Yes, members of essential services get their holidays, but the day off is a direct result of slowness in the system. A lack of demand leading to the oversupply taking some much-needed relaxation.

It's wonderful.

Lyr Marken, District Chief Security Officer for the One-G JOAT Sector[1] has wanted to enjoy such a thing for some time. Ambassador Shayde, chief cause of problems, had taken a day off to teach Rael about fishing. And if that was what they were calling it, Lyr wasn't about to quibble regarding technicalities.

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Challenge #02718-G161: One Cozy Afternoon in a Test Colony Complex

They'd been surveying the planet for several months now, the haven-worlders and their human friends. The planet was more than sufficient for colonization, that seemed to be sure, but they wanted to see how the changing of the seasons played out in full. Sitting within the large shelter base they'd set up, the humans feeding more wood into the fireplace they'd absolutely insisted on building into the design of the base, the captain had an odd feeling of peace as they relaxed

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Taking a day

I've run out of fanfic chapters to post. I have today before I'm back to working on my novel. I feel a little bit burned out, too, so I'm taking a day.

I am not writing any damn thing else but this blog and today's Instant. On purpose. And for the rest of it, I am kicking back and taking some me-time.

I think I need it.

I also need to get my regular glasses fixed because my spares give me firkin

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