Challenge #03670-J017: Nothing Scheduled

The station was quiet, well as quiet as a major hub could be, but more than that, it was peaceful. They sat in the garden, enjoying the relaxation, nibbling on snacks, and petting a cleaner, who was scooping up the snack crumbs. -- Anon Guest

Rare indeed in the public service industries is an entire day off. Yes, members of essential services get their holidays, but the day off is a direct result of slowness in the system. A lack of demand leading to the oversupply taking some much-needed relaxation.

It's wonderful.

Lyr Marken, District Chief Security Officer for the One-G JOAT Sector[1] has wanted to enjoy such a thing for some time. Ambassador Shayde, chief cause of problems, had taken a day off to teach Rael about fishing. And if that was what they were calling it, Lyr wasn't about to quibble regarding technicalities.

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