Tuesday, Patreon and Shenanigans

Good news: Some nice fam has been helping MeMum with the disaster that is her yard and now all she has to do is keep it maintained.

Bad news: This also means more petrol runs.

Good news: I get paid for that.

Bad news: I still have to haul my asthmatic arse over there from the other side of town to help with that.

Also bad news: I'm having Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season so a good lungful of oxygen is harder to obtain this morning.

Working on Patreon whilst also working through my meds is the priority of this morning. I may also invest in a bungee cord to help keep Mum's petrol containers upright on the journey there and back again. Huzzah.

IF I have time and energy after all of that, I may get some summarising, tagging, and dungeon done. I need ALL of the best of luck.