Bread Day, and adventures in Recipes

I did wake up at 11PM the previous night, but since I needed a nap at 4PM, I figured I should attempt that thing called a proper night's rest. Translated, I forgot that it was Thursday night and didn't feed the starters.

I have looked up a bikkie recipe that uses sourdough and it promised to be fast and easy... then one of the instructions says "Let sour for eight hours". Fab.

Well, I am going to spend two days on bread because the starter is still getting voluminous enough to use for bread. That might take even more time than the bikkies.


Today is household unfuckening plus bread plus eventual bikkies plus story. I've already done my two hundred words today. In fact, all week, I got pretty close to three hundred words. Therefore, I'm raising my bar next week. Fingers crossed that it isn't too stressful.

...which reminds me, I should check my total word count against my goals. Later.

I have to focus on today and here and now. Which has been tricky despite abundant sleeps.

In the news:

  • 0 new cases of Corona in Queensland. Huzzah. One day down, 13 to go.
  • The Muppet's campaigners actually used a hate group symbol as part of their campaign and Facebook actually banzored its use. Finally, someone has some guts.
  • Confirmation that the Muppet can have anyone's hand up his butt, so long as they're a dictator.
  • Loads of new cases in Victoria, and the PM of Victoria is dissing other states in a reaction to that news.

So. Another day of madness. The media's stopped talking about the protests, but the cop-driven violence still continues anyway. They've stopped reporting it because they don't want the police to look bad. Too late, fellas. Way too late.

Onwards to storytime!