Challenge #03600-I311: Though She be But Little

A very belligerent, large, Deathworlder is bullying a Havenworlder. The Havenworlder inexplicably stands their ground, looks the person in the eyes, and says "I dare you to try it." Never try it when someone says "I dare you", it never turns out good for you. -- Lessons

There are unwritten rules of the universe. Never eat at a place named Mom's, never play pool at a place named Pop's, never try to eat anything bigger than your own head, never tell a Human what they can't do, and never, ever accept a dare.

Xiu was sort of counting on that as she fluffed up her bright feathers and tried to look fierce against a Deathworlder almost four times her height. They were certainly a multiple of her weight, and indescribably stronger. Standing her ground against such an obvious threat had to be some level of insanity.

It seemed to be working all the same.

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