Wednesday, Wordpress and Date PLNs

Beloved spent a miserable 48 hours at the workplace, or near enough to it. Certainly a significant portion thereof. Her plans today include getting to work early and thereafter leaving early so we can have a lazy night in.

I will read to her and she will have a well-earned laze about and we shall feed each other treats.

We might even watch a television or two.

I can feel a rant coming on regarding perception of people and body police. I can't believe I have to keep doing this, but some things need to get off my chest and... yeah.

One more diatribe coming up, I guess.

Meanwhile, more set dressing is in my future. More tagging, more summarising [I'm up to 1.5K of the 2K summary, yay!], more album sorting, and perhaps a pinch of plotting for Beloved's upcoming birthday. And maybe more plotting for MeMum's birthday too.


I just try to deal with what's in front of me at the time. Which includes preparing for the stream that's happening soon.