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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour & Wordpress

Today, the PLN includes taking Beloved to the train station so she can get to work. I am also taking Mayhem to the Dept of Main Roads so he can get his replacement license and then going to the bank so he can get a replacement bank card.


I shall be posting another part of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale very soon to now because I know damn well that I won't have the time for an extended rant about things.

I did have time for the professional variant, last night. Yay.

Let's get on with stuff. I have no idea when my love will be waking so I should rattle on with the stream.

Wednesday, Crosssed Wires and Wordpress

I got miscommunication'd yesterday. Too used to shrinky events happening on Tuesdays that I didn't actually read the date, just the time.


So now I have to wait for the same appointment a second time. Yay.

Which also means that I shall be doing Tech Support under the threat of hellstorms because Climate Change Denial has been financed by our coal companies. Huzzah.

I might consider going out to MeMum's in the afternoon on the off chance that it will be

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Rejiggering

I have little idea what I'm doing for Wordpress today, so it shall probably be copypasta of more fanficcy edition of A Devil's Tale.

Unless I find something else to be tetchy about, today.

I'm going to put my other activities on hold until I've worked out what the heck is up with Stream Elements. What I need to do about that, and so on. Other streamers can use little sound bites, so I know I can use something of the like

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Dinner Party

Miss Chaos has a Graduation Dinner tonight. My love and I managed to luck into extra tickets, so we will be attending with Chaos. And maybe doing some dancing if dancing becomes a thing.

Meanwhile, I have some racist ablism to go off about on my Wordpress so I could be doing a thinkpiece about this wonderful piece of news.

I'm glad there's an active community to get cheesed off about this and I can only hope that the petition works. As

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date PLNs

Beloved spent a miserable 48 hours at the workplace, or near enough to it. Certainly a significant portion thereof. Her plans today include getting to work early and thereafter leaving early so we can have a lazy night in.

I will read to her and she will have a well-earned laze about and we shall feed each other treats.

We might even watch a television or two.

I can feel a rant coming on regarding perception of people and body police. I

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Dates, and Other Shenanigans

Today, I might have an opinion on Wordpress. I might not. I don't really know. Possibly about the past being another country. OR it might be another installment of A Devil's Tale the fanficcy variant.

Depends how bloody tired I am by the time I get that shit together.

Gotta tag a week, gotta add 250 words to the 2K summary so I could get at least halfway through that word limit. Gotta set dress two more chambers, gotta clean and sort

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Hair

I'm getting my roots recoloured and my undercut retrimmed today. So the Wordpress entry is going to be another installment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale.

I'll get straight onto that rather than wait until the end of the day.

I shall be using the iPad for writing so I don't churn through my internet allowance whilst concocting more devilish drama. I might get most of a chapter done during the day.

Probably won't get much else done today.


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Wednesday, Wordpress & Date Night

Beloved's plan for this evening is to Go Somewhere outside of our normal travels and see what we can see. It was my duty to pick out the place, so I chose one with a lot of parks and at least one eatery that wasn't Maccas.

I have no idea if this is going to be a majority of the day thing, or an evening thing. We shall see.

If it's in the evening only, then I have a chance to do

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date?

I am still dedicated to tagging stories for the app, and that takes some time. I have NO idea what I'm writing for Wordpress today, so it might be another installment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale.

Or I might have to go on another rant about all the stuff I have to deal with.

But at least Jolie has an appointment about her teeth. Also on the good side, Beloved and I are reforging intimacy together now that things

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Errands

I have made the video to my satisfaction, hooray. Now I need to get that onto a thumb drive. And the music onto a different thumb drive. Because technical nonsense.

And then chase down a little something-something for the ceremony. We're telling everyone on the day what that is. No spoilers.

Thumb drives still wig me out a little bit. In this era of clouds and remembering disk drives, it's still ridiculous that you can store a novel or three on something

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Wednesday, Wordpress & Organisation

My love spent the day and the night and the morning at work. She didn't turn up at home until like 2AM :P At some point, we need to get supplies and do a budget. Balancing things we need to pay for versus things we want to pay for et cetera.

One bit at a time, we shall manage stuff. Wrangle our income, wrestle our expenditures and get things sorted out.

I don't even know IF we're having a date night this

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Wednesday, Cyclone Headache -_-

There must be a low pressure system somewhere between me and Rockhampton. Or between me and Coffs Harbour. I am feeling it in my face :P

Not fun.

Today, Beloved and I are getting our hair done. Then we wend our way to the job expo to have a look at potential occupations for Miss Chaos. Such fun.

I have no idea when we're going to get a date going, but... something may crop up.

We might get onto fixing my sand

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shenanigans

I am immediately poddling off to get my veins plumbed because the Doc I'm now seeing wants to be sure of my early morning Cortisol levels.

This is the earliest I can wrangle.

The blood people open at 7 and I am doing my darndest to be there as fast as I can get there.

Which means quickest possible publish and advertising cycle and a brief blog.

I work out what the fuck I'm doing today as I do it. I'm squeezing

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Wednesday, Le Scramble

I have Chaos to ship off to camp, a doctor's appointment, and Date Night happening in 24 hours.


I also should gather up samples from all of my books and figure out how to develop press kits for each of them.

Or at least suitably satisfying blurbs about them for my potential publishers to use.


I think I might arrange all the samples first. That's easier. For ALL the books. Even the unfinished trilogy and A Devil's Tale.

Because go

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night

I gave my love a stuffed shark [the one from Ikea] and she laughed. I made my love a sparkly cake that was COVERED in buttercream icing. By request. I also put every shiny sprinkle I could get on the top. I am told that I nailed it more than I failed it so... Win?

I dunno.

What we DO know is that we're never doing buttercream ever again. Ye GODS that stuff is lethal.

In order of majority, here's the basicest

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