Wordpress Wednesday

A 100-post collection

Wednesday, Wordpress and Progress

I should be finished set dressing map 16B, all things going well, today. Which means my next task is making counters for the eventual game.

A day of messing around with BS in GIMP. Yay.

It's a slight pain in the bum, but I gotta do it. Blargh.

Also on my agenda today is the usual week tagging and chapter summarising. And of course the offering of A Devil's Tale [the fanficcy version].

Following that, my dear readers, I shall have myself some fun times.

Let's get on with the daily tale.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night PLNs

I didn't get around to dungeon map, yesterday, so doing some of that today is among my priorities. Alongside getting to some plot resolution in A Devil's Tale. Which, I might add, has now commenced in it's THIRD firkin GoogDoc.

I should be getting my regular phone back tomorrow, so retrieving it and my meds will likely happen then. I have my prescriptions ready and the hope that they've not expired yet because visiting the quacks has got expensive.


I'm even

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Wednesday, Anniversary Celebrations

My love and I are getting our hair done. That is all that's cemented in our PLNs for the day. Nevertheless, I am prepared to be spending most of the day doing it.

So I shall probably be AFK for most of my conscious hours. So my agenda today is:

  1. Do the meme thing in the Fediverse
  2. Post the Wordpress episode
  3. If time, work on my daily tale

If not, you get a twofer tomorrow. I'm not just bringing my laptop, but

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Output

I didn't get much of the output done, yesterday. Mostly because I was dealing with a scammer. That kind of thing fries my brain out.

At least I wasn't phished in.

This week's Wordpress will be more of Kosh's fanficcy shenanigans, and I can tell you that there are VAST differences between the fanfic and the novel(s).

I suspect there will be fans going down that rabbit hole in depth when it's published. [gotta believe it WILL be published] That's going

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

It's taking me longer to write the daily tale. I should work on that.

In my feed this morning, people using AI's to write things are flooding publishers with AI-generated horseshit. People creating garbage product with minimal possible effort and maximum possible profit in mind.

Which means that my efforts to prepare for publishers might yet be moot.

Fucking idiots not wanting to put in the effort... grumble grumble bitch and whine.


Anyway. Considering how slow I am at the summarising,

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Cat Food

I really need to hurry along and get the kitters some gooshy foods because (gasp!) we are out of the gooshies.

Horrible circumstance.

There's also dinner and a movie for the date tonight. Just about the only Marvel Hero I want to see on the screen any more besides the good old fuzzy blue Elf. Yeah we're watching the Ant Man movie.

So it's in my best interest to get a rattle on to get the important shopping done straight after I

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Doctor's

I need the superior painkillers because Cyclone Season is upon us. Western Australia got the first one, but Queensland's overdue for the second one.

I'm out of those things I need and the prescription is needed for more.

So I might be a little late with getting the nonsense out in the world today. Stay tuned to my socials.

Meanwhile, I shall be working on the stuff for Tale Foundry. Reviews and kudos to everyone who did something neat.

Maybe you'll find

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Baby Steps

I'm posting yet another episode of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale so I can concentrate on doing some of my other output today.

My goals today are:

  1. What I accomplished yesterday [tagged a week]
  2. Something else on my list of TTD

My list of Things To Do:

  • Summarise Beauties and the Beastly
  • Prep dungeon stuff
  • Write more book
  • Make the cover for the firkin Anthology
  • And publish the dang thing


I almost forgot about the anthology fml.

I will

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

It's Sausage Day tomorrow. The day in which all Australians take a day off to make burned offerings to the Beach Gods.

Well. That's what an alien might think.

It's the day that the Whitefellas ruined everything for all the Blackfellas already living here. Or it's the day in which the Gallant and Brave Captain Cook Discovered our wide brown land for the Glory of Britannia. OR it's the day when communication began between an empire and a stone-age civilisation and things

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Wednesday, Wordpress and The Morbs

I'm having a depressive episode today. Despite doing the things I should be doing, despite accomplishing my aims on the day to day... I'm feeling down and depressed.

Every time I think about doing something I should finish. Every time I think about making more progress... There's a wave of exhaustion that threatens to bowl me over.

I might take a day.

I'll write an Instant tomorrow if it comes to that.

I wanted to get angry at WOTC and I can't

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Sundry

I did it again. I futzed around until it was too late to stream before the 10AM curse.

So my PLN now is to do a bit of shopping with my time. I need to get vegemite and cat food.

After I get back and stream, I think I'll focus my energies on footnote checking and at least one chapter summary.

Once the anthology is fully edited, I can get it out on the interwebs for your reading pleasure.

Once the novel

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

I stayed in bed with my Beloved for a little too long today, and wound up streaming at 10AM.


BUT I also didn't have the 10AM curse happening to me.

We did not alter anything, but the compy failed to slow to tar and attempt to die. Huzzah. I am not going to fault it at all for surviving and defeating the curse.

I'm pretty much pointing to True Love's Kiss at this point because NOTHING ELSE DID ANYTHING.

BUT it

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Technical Issues

I spilled a bit of fizzy drink on my keyboard and the new one is a little on the temperamental side. It's not letting me do some things and writing with it promises to be a pain in the butt.

Also my compy doesn't like being active at 10AM for some reason.

Which means my normal goals are on hold until I figure out a work-around for that horseshit.

I'm doing my best. And if that includes a two-hour break until I

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Unfuckening

I have to clean the catio today or Jolie will pee where no cat should be peeing at all. I shall also make great strides in clearing off the spare bed for Mum's visit over Crimbo. Huzzah.

So of course the Wordpress is where I'm taking a shortcut. Y'all are getting more of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale and maybe where this part is in relation to the pro version in progress. I shall have to ponder that.

Maybe a

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour & Wordpress

Today, the PLN includes taking Beloved to the train station so she can get to work. I am also taking Mayhem to the Dept of Main Roads so he can get his replacement license and then going to the bank so he can get a replacement bank card.


I shall be posting another part of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale very soon to now because I know damn well that I won't have the time for an extended rant

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