Wordpress Wednesday

A 8-post collection

Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Two new cases, both imports. Which means that there's nine days without local transmission. Hoping to make it to twenty. Fifty-five total cases, twenty-three in hospital. I'm not saying those two fresh ones are the ones in a hotel, but the odds are in their favour in my humble opinion.

Today... I don't want to go off about anything, so it might as well be an exploration of how a pantser plots. I'm going to drag you through the entirety of my sad bitter Tiefling's backstory and you're going to love it. Not like there's a lot of options if you like my Wordpress page.

In the news:

  • Muppet's stealth plan to maintain power is... dying?
  • Outbreak in Melbourne
  • Man convicted of rape because he sneaked the condom off during sex. GO NEW ZEALAND!
  • Johnson&Johnson's vaccine now causes clots too, but not as many as you might think
  • Prince Philip's cargo cult is now "in talks"
  • South Australian dad asked his step-daughter to "fool around"... and y'all are worried about trans people being pedos
  • Russia caught lying about their Plague stats
  • Smarties are now being released in paper bags
  • People are dumping soft serve into their iced lattes

Now let's get on with plot-to-story analysis.

Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

TEN new cases, eight of those local transmissions. Seventy-eight total, sixty-four in hospital, two in ICU, which leaves twelve with the relative freedom of a hotel room until they are clear. Masks are mandatory for when you go anywhere and we are hunkering and bunkering and just being blobs for the interim.

Judging by the acceleration, we're going to be locked down for a lot longer than the three days. We've done this before and we can do it again. Of course,

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Two new cases, all captured in quarantine. There's thirty-five active cases, thirty-three in hospital and one in ICU... which leaves just one sufferer in relative comfort. Still scary beans.

This week marks the last installment of Destiny's Fools, which means next week is my time to go off about stuff for a bit of a while. Be warned.

In the news:

  • Concerns over the AstraZeneca vaccine causing problems are being ignored
  • ScoMo warns all of Aus about the PNG plague situation
  • Stonkloads
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Wednesday, Day 0, Hiding

Five new cases, all imports in quarantine, and the active case count is up to 33. ALL of those people are in hospital. I am firmly under my rock. This is alarming. So too is the news that all these variants could be more trouble than the original plague.

I have coined a new word - Knomira. Pronounced 'no-me-rah'. It's a portmanteau of "know my rights" which is the catch-cry of every entitled arsehole regardless of age, creed, colour, or gender. Knomiras

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Wednesday, Day 0, AAAAAAAAHHH

There's four new cases, taking the total count up to fourteen. All overseas, but I don't like double figures in the case count.

In personal news, I'm getting better at remembering all the self-maintains, just... not in order. I'll shave later, I swear.

My Death Cough (tm) seems to come and go no matter what I do. I did the turn on Max with meds and saline, but it was back yesterday afternoon. I took a dose of preventer and it's so

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Wednesday, Day 1, Continuing

There's seven active cases and I have an increasing to go off about the state of things as they are and how it's hurting people or worse. BUT I also made a promise to finish posting Destiny's Fools and I am going to do that before I already have a rant.

Spoilers and TL:DR version - Privatisation Bad.

That aught to keep the need out of my blood stream for a little bit. Destiny's Fools is going to end sometime soonish

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Wednesday, Day 1, Shenanigans

We're finally doing our tax nonsense so we can fill out the paperwork so Mayhem can get the help he needs to get a job and finally pay for things. [That lay in the house that Jack built] Puffpuff... Pantpant... I'm making sure I have my financial statements prepped. I don't believe anything's been overlooked.

I got up early, so that's two more pages in the journal transcribed. For my next trick, I shall post my wordpress nonsense before the alarm goes

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Wednesday, Day 0, FLAKK

I woke up at Fuckoff AM again. Bleh. So I tried the brushes I got yesterday. I did practice on the paper towel like I said earlier. On the paper towel - lovely fine line and legible text. On the artisinal paper - BLOB MONSTER.


I'm getting a super fineliner today. Fuck this. All future ink blots will be artistic. Firkin artisinal paper mumblegrumble...

Today, there is one more case of the plague, taking the total of active cases to seven.

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