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Wednesday, No Longer Wordpress

The poll results are in:

[Shown here: Screenshot of a tumblr poll showing that the audience favours "Weird Writer Wednesday" as a tag for my weekly rants]

It's going to be Weird Writer Wednesday henceforth. Hooray.

I already have something to rant about. Fingers crossed, the video evidence can be a part of it.

I'm also recording five more chapters, sorting more vinyl, and moving five more archived blog entries out of Wordpress, today.

I'm making bread, and my offerings, AND making a call to an expert. Only one of these is going to take all my energy.

I have a cyclone headache and high hopes of accomplishing things. Let's go!

Wednesday, New Brand Who's This?

It can't be Wordpress Wednesday, because I'm no longer publishing on Wordpress. I need a new brand for that. Coming soon.

I've asked for suggestions from the QPP and my Discordians.

If you have something in mind for the new brand, I'm willing to hear it.

I have offerings to make, side-projects to sort, and five more blog entries shifted into the new archive. And at some point in the future, I have to learn how to people so I can grow

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Wednesday, Wordpress Moving?

I do not like the idea of having my hard work being used by some lazy-arse ideas person who can't be bothered to do their own firkin writing. Ideas people have been the bane of creative types since time immemorial. All generative AI is doing is cutting the conversations out of "I have an idea."

The good news is: it might be dying very soon.

I'm still determined to move my rants out of Wordpress and into somewhere else, but the move

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Wednesday, Wordpress BULLSHIT

So I started my day on some unwelcome news: The body corporate that owns Tumblr and Wordpress is now going to sell all the content there to fucking OpenAI and Midjourney.

Thank Grop I didn't post anything of vast import over there. I'm going to have to remove my chapters because that's MY intellectual property, dangit, and no bot is going to have it until it's professionally published.

There are bot repellants, but there's nothing to stop an anti-ethical bot from scraping

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Nite



Which means I shall be keeping company with Beloved and Adorable tonight. BUT, I'm also playing taxi for Mayhem so he can inform APM that he's looking into TAFE certificate(s) in IT.

And if you understood that alphabet soup, more power to you. For those who don't: APM = Advanced Placement Managers, TAFE = Technical And Further Education, and IT = Information Technology.

APM are the mob who are helping Mayhem get gainful employment. They may or may not offer

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Bread

I have a disrupted sleep schedule of late. I've already been awake since half-past midnight. I surrendered to consciousness at roughly two in the morning and got my stretchies and treatments done by half-past four.

I am doing all this with a cyclone headache. Just so you know.

I also have Wilson, my wholemeal starter, incubating for four hours and some set up for the upcoming bread.

Even if Mayhem needs a lift to the station, I should be cool to be

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Budgeting

I did not dive into temptation at Golden Circle's factory outlet. Thus I have a little more than a hundred dollarydoos more than I usually have at this time of the pay cycle.


I also purchased a bunch of cheap bread and now the "mice" [Miss Chaos and Mayhem] have alternate sources of sandwiches.

Today's Wordpress is going to contain my perfected Chia Sourdough recipe and procedure. And the reasons why. I have a two-day process because my time windows, and

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Training

Mayhem's off on job training today. We quickly worked out that he can take the train most of the way home so that's a win. Morning traffic is a grind.

I don't want to get depressed all over my Wordpress, today, but I also have very few ideas as to what I'm doing over there today. I'll probably end up talking about what I'm doing to try to finish my enormous and epic WIP.

My alternative thought for Wordpress is a letter

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Bread, and Sundry

Woke up close to 3AM, did my stretchies, and prepped for bread.

My starter (Ingrid) looked already fully grown so I gave them a quarter cup of plain flour and a bit of water to pep them up while they're in the incubator.

This time, I weighed the chia [171g makes a cup. I might make it an even 170 next time because the math is simpler] and subtracted that from the 1kg total flour weight. I weighed out 780g of water

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Invention

I think I shall be writing about writing for Wordpress today. The continuing saga of A Devil's Tale is getting enormous. Fourth book, fourth GoogDoc. Trying to find an end where I can move onwards to the series of epilogues that I wanted to wind up the story with.

I might also involve a few diatribes about the drudgery of self care.

Once more there shall be trains of rambling thought, all stitched together with what I'm thinking at the time.


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Wednesday, Wordpress and Tech Support

I am on the Leyland's Tour, today. Helping MeMum with making her printer turn on when the internet sucks. The leading suspect is a lack of internet connection or a direct connection to the computer.

Since I'm also due to write an essay about the fanfiction I just posted, my time may be a little bit cramped. Wordpress may be happening tomorrow.

I'll see what I can do about writing that thing on my journeys. GoogDocs for the potential win.

Results may

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Small Progress

I decided to work on the Fic Tags today. Something that's gone neglected for the majority of last year. I want to get this app of mine out into the wilderness, and that means making sure every fic is searchable.

My exercise this morning was making certain the earliest fics were tagged. Next time, I proceed from the last place I left off. When I finally get to entire weeks of untagged fics, I will work on a week at a time.

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Wednesday, Let's try this again

Rain, cloud cover, and thunder and lightning... all of these band together to screw with out internet.

We're expecting rain and I can only hope that I get a twofer out today.

I also have to edit my anthology because my issue with counting struck again. Missed a digit between 151 and 153 and now the count is off.


I have some more gravel for the boggy patch in the yard and I'm praying we don't get hail again. The blankets

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Perishables

I'm getting the perishable stuff, cooking, and wrapping today. All for Crimbo Prep so I can get stuff out of the way. Nice and organised.

That's the PLN.

Mayhem's decided to buy some Crimbo treats instead of making a second pie. Handmade is labor-intensive, after all. It took him three days to do the first pie. Dude made the pastry and everything.

Other PLNs include writing another twofer, the meme, and maybe even recording some chapters for Adorable IF I have the

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Milestone

Today, I am writing my four thousandth story. I'm going to be spending some of my spondooly in getting that thing out to as many eyes as possible.

That will be happening later. For now, I do the minor tasks in waiting to go get all the things we need for the interim.

I managed to bork my wrists before I was done getting dressed. Mayhaps my morning routine needs to do the wrist stretchies before I put on my new knee

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