Wednesday, Wordpress and Milestone

Today, I am writing my four thousandth story. I'm going to be spending some of my spondooly in getting that thing out to as many eyes as possible.

That will be happening later. For now, I do the minor tasks in waiting to go get all the things we need for the interim.

I managed to bork my wrists before I was done getting dressed. Mayhaps my morning routine needs to do the wrist stretchies before I put on my new knee bracers.

I got things wrapped around four of my joints this morning. AND a cyclone headache. Ow.

Not gonna be a fun day out for me. I am in a lot of pain. I've taken the relevant meds, and they take five-ever to kick in. IF they kick in.

At least the bracers are keeping the joint pain to a minimum.

Shops are opening soon. I think I can maybe get the meme out before I have to launch.

Let's get on with that.