Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Nite



Which means I shall be keeping company with Beloved and Adorable tonight. BUT, I'm also playing taxi for Mayhem so he can inform APM that he's looking into TAFE certificate(s) in IT.

And if you understood that alphabet soup, more power to you. For those who don't: APM = Advanced Placement Managers, TAFE = Technical And Further Education, and IT = Information Technology.

APM are the mob who are helping Mayhem get gainful employment. They may or may not offer helpful advice regarding the best course to apply for. Mayhem will be looking on Monday.

Tomorrow, I try recording a video for Stencyl purposes. And then sometime following, I finally do some shopping. Mayhaps with one of the kids in tow to remind me of what is needed.

I'm going on a rant this week, about summaries versus synopses. Because some people seem to have NO IDEA about the difference.