Challenge #04070-K052: Pack Bonding Pays

The Human's Companion is having... what the humans would cal... a bad day. A very bad one.

It's not always the companions that are acting as the therapists, sometimes the humans they work with are the ones that help them the most, with warm hugs, soft blankets, soothing tones, snacks, and an ear to listen. -- Anon Guest

Things had been going wrong, and there was little to blame about it. Bad timing, unpreventable accidents; a case of, as Human Nour would say, "the gremlins".

It had been a long week, and it was only Twosday[1].

Nevertheless, Companion Kaan kept a pleasant demeanour up like a mask between hirself and Human Nour. Who took one look at hir and said, "Okay. You need time in the soft room." Without any further warning, he scooped Kaan up in a gentle grasp and carried hir to the relaxation zone in question.

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