Thursday, Cheevs and Setbacks and Supplies

I have done the video I was threatening to do. Huzzah. And since it's past ten in the morning, I am technically free to do some supply shopping. Research has indicated that it is cheaper to get the cats' Fancy Feast supply at Costco. I shall be making a shopping list, checking it twice, and at least dragging Mayhem along to get everything on the list.

THEN I get on with my offerings per diem.

If I have the fortitude, I will probably do some work on the pitch kit or sort some vinyl for the points after that.


My knee bracers bite me. I have small areas of abrasion on the backs of my knees where either the overlap of the straps or the velcro itself has dug a hole into my skin. Ow. My alternatives are: get a knee sleeve to protect my fragile skin, or not wear my bracers until I need to do a lot of walking.

Let me tell you now - the only knee sleeves I can get from non-ripoff companies are THERMAL. I don't need thermal I do not need to sun-roast my knees as I traverse a Queensland parking lot. I need the lycra ones that only seem available from ripoff data theft operations like Temu and Shein.

Fuck. Them.

My current stopgap is jeggings, but they're still a little on the toasty side. I shall be looking for fortified, but NOT THERMAL leggings like lycra whenever I have spare dosh. If it has pockets, all the better.

It might have to be stockings or stocking-esque.

That will be an online search first, then I shall need to see them in person and judge harshly because also fuck planned obsolescence.

Offerings happening later in the day.