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Challenge #04070-K052: Pack Bonding Pays

The Human's Companion is having... what the humans would cal... a bad day. A very bad one.

It's not always the companions that are acting as the therapists, sometimes the humans they work with are the ones that help them the most, with warm hugs, soft blankets, soothing tones, snacks, and an ear to listen. -- Anon Guest

Things had been going wrong, and there was little to blame about it. Bad timing, unpreventable accidents; a case of, as Human Nour would say, "the gremlins".

It had been a long week, and it was only Twosday[1].

Nevertheless, Companion Kaan kept a pleasant demeanour up like a mask between hirself and Human Nour. Who took one look at hir and said, "Okay. You need time in the soft room." Without any further warning, he scooped Kaan up in a gentle grasp and carried hir to the relaxation zone in question.

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Challenge #04063-K045: Something in the Ingredients List

Companion. "Why do you have nothing but bland bags of nutrifood in here? You know there's a lot more you're allowed to have."

Human. "I know, but anything else just keeps coming back up on me. This, at least, stays down."

Companion. "Medics seen you about this?"

Human. "Um..." -- Anon Guest

Humans, as Deathworlders, are very bad at recognising that they could be in slow dangers. They have a knack for harming themselves in ways they can ignore for decades. Some

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Challenge #04029-K011: For Want of a Nail

They're a workaholic, it seems. They were not a deregger, though their great-grandparents were. They just had this bad habit of working nonstop and forgetting to take breaks to rest once in a while. Problem is, this lead to health issues from overwork. -- Anon Guest

Generational trauma is a hell of a thing. As a Human Companion, it's vital to understand the contributing factors that create hazards to your Human's health. Thus, a well-trained Human Companion is the first responder and

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Challenge #03960-J308: Theory V Practice

break pasta

throw pasta in kettle


open ketchup bottle

sprinkle diced pineapple

“Human, I have recreated the dish known as spaghetti”

“I probably don’t have Italian ancestors, but something is screaming” -- Anon Guest

To damn Companion Mu with faint praise, Human Rain could only say that ze had the concept correct. Cook pasta in boiling water. Add tomato sauce. And, because Rain was vegetarian, add vegetables to the mix. Theoretically, it was a pasta dish that was perfect for

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Challenge #03810-J158: Keep the Light Burning

Yet again, their human was finally located... asleep at their work desk. Ah, poor human. They needed to learn to stop pushing themselves so hard. Well, the young adult had quite a bit to learn. -- Anon Guest

As a Companion, it is crucial to be aware of the needs as well as the wants of your Ship's Human. Making a study of, and contributing to the Manual of Human Behaviour is vital. Not all Humans operate according to the extant rules.

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Challenge #03785-J132: Mutually Assured Therapy

Their companion is furry, fluffy, and knows humans need occasional tactile contact. Sitting next to the human during the work day, they don't mind the occasional back - rub. Actually, that feels really nice on the stressful days. -- Anon Guest

Humans will try to pet anything. How wonderful, they say, to live in a universe full of creatures that like to be petted. In that circumstance, it's generally a good idea for the Ships' Human to have a Companion who's eminently

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Challenge #03497-I209: Sleepless in Ship's Night

"Can you help me? I can't sleep again. I keep waking up and pacing the floor." -- Anon Guest

Rescue Humans come with their own rewards. They also come with their own detriments. Such as chronic anxiety and sleep issues. The flip side is the hyper-vigilance that has saved far too many to be counted by now. So periodic interruptions to the rest cycle are a small price to pay.

With that in mind, Companion Thark kept any and all reprimands to

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Challenge #03273-H364: A Nice Warm Cuppa

They would sit as a human brushed their fur and ranted about a bad day. They sat as other humans quietly held their hands, sometimes rubbing their furry arms. This was normal for the life of a companion. If you didn't like being touched constantly, then working with humans was not for you. But they, sometimes had bad days, too, and needed someone to rant to.

But, sometimes, THEY needed someone to hold, to rant to, to cry to, about their problems.

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Challenge #03188-H279: Calling it a Day

A human is having a very stressful day at work, one of their coworkers is small, fuzzy, and just got done with work. So the human asks if their coworker would sit with them and talk for a while to help alleviate the stress. -- Anon Guest

Life as a Human's Companion has all sorts of interesting angles. The best ones for the job are what they call "Tactilely Rewarding". Either soft and fluffy and pleasant to pet, or possessing smooth scales

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Challenge #03151-H242: Change is... Uncomfortable

A companion deeply loves their ship's human. When the human retires due to old age, the companion doesn't know if they can handle it -- Anon Guest

"This has to be my last trip," announced Human Set as she eased herself down into the launch chair. "I'm getting too creaky for everyone's good."

That sudden stab into Companion Elik's heart had to be psychosomatic. "You're... leaving us?" Ze could not keep the anxiety out of hir voice.

"I'm not cut out for

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Challenge #02999-H076: Full on Pinkies Up

There were cupcakes, which immediately drew attention to the activity. There were also the ship's humans, both of them, sitting quietly and sipping from fancifully patterned drinking vessels, despite usually becoming a shrieking maelstrom of highly active competition when interacting with one another. There was a small container with a spoon in it that, upon inspection, contained sugar. ...there were more cupcakes than two humans could reasonably eat on their own. There were extra cups. There was, it turned out, an open

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Challenge #02993-H070: Small Disaster Control

Sometimes, previously scheduled social bonding activities go wrong, especially when dealing with humans. In this case, one of the humans in question was found drinking beer in the corner and crying during a time that was blocked out for a social gathering. When questioned, they explained that there had been some tension between two other members of the group, which had just sort of gotten worse when they tried to defuse it, until the whole gaming session had dissolved into raised voices

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