Challenge #03785-J132: Mutually Assured Therapy

Their companion is furry, fluffy, and knows humans need occasional tactile contact. Sitting next to the human during the work day, they don't mind the occasional back - rub. Actually, that feels really nice on the stressful days. -- Anon Guest

Humans will try to pet anything. How wonderful, they say, to live in a universe full of creatures that like to be petted. In that circumstance, it's generally a good idea for the Ships' Human to have a Companion who's eminently pet-able.

They tend to be on the Havenworlder side of the classes of cogniscents. Just like Companion Nuan, who had a fine down of feathers, and ze also had a sincere love of Human contact.

Human Fons had a great love of touching and feeling fluffy things. The shipboard Skitties, her soft toys, and of course Companion Nuan. Who was currently leaning into 'scritchies'.

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