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Challenge #03785-J132: Mutually Assured Therapy

Their companion is furry, fluffy, and knows humans need occasional tactile contact. Sitting next to the human during the work day, they don't mind the occasional back - rub. Actually, that feels really nice on the stressful days. -- Anon Guest

Humans will try to pet anything. How wonderful, they say, to live in a universe full of creatures that like to be petted. In that circumstance, it's generally a good idea for the Ships' Human to have a Companion who's eminently pet-able.

They tend to be on the Havenworlder side of the classes of cogniscents. Just like Companion Nuan, who had a fine down of feathers, and ze also had a sincere love of Human contact.

Human Fons had a great love of touching and feeling fluffy things. The shipboard Skitties, her soft toys, and of course Companion Nuan. Who was currently leaning into 'scritchies'.

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Challenge #03559-I270: Unriddle Me This

They sat in the hall berating themselves with recriminations, head bowed, sometimes swearing at themselves. They did this, unfortunately, way too many times, given their poor self-esteem. The therapist, hearing of them, sits next to them to listen, and try to help. -- Anon Guest

Everyone had done what they could. That was clear to those mopping up the mess. Nevertheless, there were those determined to blame themselves.

Human Yeong had been ordered to sit still. This was evidently a difficult task

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Challenge #03553-I264: Therapy Augments

They had been through something so immensely horrific they stopped talking altogether. Except, they would speak to animals. They barely looked up, often freezing and curling up into a ball of terror at even the slightest noise over a soft spoken voice. The therapist was broken-hearted, this was going to take a lot of work. -- Anon Guest

Humans were not meant to shut down like this. In and of itself, the spectacle was terrifying. Human Teal was nonresponsive to all but

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Challenge #03547-I258: Any Way You Want

I read your newest story and the conversation you guys had in the prompts. I know you don't want more prompts right now, so please forgive me, this one popped into my head and I wanted to get it out before forgetting.

It's from this one

A person who, despite a lot of therapy, hates their biological body. They've taken to hurting themselves because of it. They beg the B'Nari to please, give them

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Challenge #03522-I234: Empathic Disability

The CRC and Alliance eventually deports the knomira back to Alliance space for the rest of their prison term, they're pretty beat up, but very much alive, since killing them wasn't allowed. They keep screaming lawsuit. They learn the hard way all that they're going to pay, time and service, for their crimes. -- The New Guy

Throw enough violent tantrums, and someone somewhere will figure out a way to stop you. On pre-Shattering

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Challenge #03482-I194: The Time-Out Chamber

A Knomira is locked up for throwing a very violent temper tantrum in a shop which caused a large amount of damage to property and some injuries to various cogniscents. Now they're throwing another violent tantrum, because they're still locked up, and being required to go to therapy. -- Anon Guest

The habitat was a pale and inoffensive grey. Every possible surface was padded with cellulose fabric and cellulose stuffing. It did not help Marciatrude's general mood to know that any surface

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Challenge #03479-I191: Ring the End of Melancholy

See the comments on this link for the prompt? Long story short, he's been sent by the gods into the elf's life because Wraithvine NEEDS him. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: The comment in question is, "The more I read of Amatu the more I really think his quest is to help WRAITHVINE bring the light back into hir life. I'm starting to think the poor immortal elf has endured so much pain hir heart is starting to

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Challenge #03452-I164: Apply Therapeutic Felines

A human was sitting in the park softly weeping, they'd had a very bad day. But it's hard to stay sad when kitties and Skitties crawl in one's lap and start purring. -- Anon Guest

The straw often gets the blame for the breaking of the camel's back. Metaphorically speaking. It is not the straw, but rather its addition to weights already in excess of what the camel can handle. One last drop of rain does not cause the dam to burst.

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Challenge #03406-I118: Cracks Before a Breakthrough

The man who once "owned" his wife with an iron fist now finds himself in jail for violating no-contact. He HAD been warned, and now, much to the frustration of the therapists trying to work with him, is resisting the idea of change. -- DaniAndShali

"It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair!" Maazdon Brandon was throwing his umpteenth tantrum of the day. It was nothing new. He'd been doing the same thing

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Challenge #03323-I035: Replacement Parts

It'd been a very hard week. All I want is to sit down and forget this week, to be honest. You're a therapist, you know what it's like? All I really want is a cup of coffee and something to read. Hey doc., when will my eyes be fixed? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hey OP? OP? Ow... That's one hell of a kick in the pants. Well done]

"Three more days," said the soothing voice of Therapist Ka'renn. Ze was always so

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Challenge #03295-I007: Kintsugi's First Step

Not long after this poor, broken, shell of a man met Unty Vrax, there was an accident. Vrax was trapped under debris, pinned, badly bruised, and in serious danger. The human, adrenaline shooting through them, despite more debris falling on them damaging their prosthetics, dragged the debris off and got Vrax to safety. Despite getting hurt, Vrax was safe. And for them, that was the day, they truly started to heal. -- Anon Guest

This was

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Challenge #03259-H350: Rememberance

The sad remains of the old ship was found, and only ONE other life pod of survivors. This one had a few teens, and two surviving adults. None of the other pods managed to jettison before the ship shuddered and blew apart. The bodies of all the dead were gathered, families kept together as much as possible if they were able to find out who belonged to which family, and the funeral was solemn. The other life pod's survivors were brought to

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Challenge #03235-H326: Pack Bonding Exercises

H: Taking advantage, after long resisting the idea, of their friend's offer, they quietly go into their companion's quarters and crawl in the giant, pillow-filled, nest next to them.

A: Startled, but speaking softly with a tired tone "Hey! What's going on?"

H: "I can't sleep, I had another bad dream, can I stay here tonight?"

A: Gently spoken they smile. "Sure, no problem, I said you could before, didn't I?"

H: "Yeah you did, but I didn't want to bother you.

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Challenge #03201-H292: Therapeutic Tales

The Havenworlders who were saved when the scaffold fell decided to visit the Human that saved them. The medics realized having the Human sit alone in silence, while it did help the body heal, was damaging to a human's mind and caused them to become agitated. So the medics invited the visitors to come, to chat, and explained that it helped a human recover. The workers who had put up the scaffolding incorrectly, which lead to the accident, also visited, to apologize.

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Challenge #03189-H280: Visual Aid

Sometimes, despite the CRC's best efforts, you have to be cruel to be kind. In this case, a person has been abusing themself and all therapies and medications are not helping much. So, instead, a non-sentient construct is made of the person so the person is forced to see, and hear, the pain inflicted as if to another person, and realize what it is they are doing, and find out WHY this is happening. -- Anon Guest

Humans are very strange. This

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