Challenge #03522-I234: Empathic Disability

The CRC and Alliance eventually deports the knomira back to Alliance space for the rest of their prison term, they're pretty beat up, but very much alive, since killing them wasn't allowed. They keep screaming lawsuit. They learn the hard way all that they're going to pay, time and service, for their crimes. -- The New Guy

Throw enough violent tantrums, and someone somewhere will figure out a way to stop you. On pre-Shattering Earth, some enforcement officers used mattresses between themselves and a thrashing offender. In other places, a sticky foam eventually stilled their bodies.

Greater Deregulation electrocuted their offenders so hard that their limbs were jelly for hours.

It was B'Nar that created the body-lock disc. After a violent cogniscent was stunned, all an officer had to do was place it on their skin, near their brain stem. Nanomachines and microconnectors did the rest. It was painless, without the risk of unintended medical consequences, and non-injurious to the individual it was used on.

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