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Challenge #04220-K202: DIY Scene

Welcome to Vege-Inn. A restaurant that ONLY serves synthetic foods that are plant-based. Catering to those with specific diets, or dietary choices.

A knomira stomping in demands a steak, and then throws a temper tantrum to realize even the "meat" here is plant-based. -- Anon Guest

There were pictures of smiling fruits and vegetables in the kiddies' section. The menu boards were bordered with artistic plants and plant byproducts. The sign at the entrance blared VEGAN ONLY FOOD SOLD HERE in friendly letters and in all popular languages. Including GalSimple.

Nevertheless, there's always someone who misses all the clues. Though in this case, they really had to work at it.

"Welcome to Vege-Inn, the only solely vegan restaurant in Wayside Station. Are you seeking fruits, nuts, barks, fungi, or leaves as your main meatless experience today?" The greeter's uniform was full of plants. The decor was plant-themed. The menu had pictograms of the main ingredients and allergen warnings. It should have taken a level of willful ignorance close to anti-godhood.

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Challenge #04186-K168: Calculated Risk

They warn knomiras time and again not to touch the pretty plants. And, yet again, they get to deal with complaining and screaming while treating injured hands. -- Anon Guest

Some exhibits are a nightmare. The slow-moving cruise vessels housing them are literally made for the exhibits. Kept in excellent condition by the crew and staff. It's not the exhibits that are the problem. It's the people who pay to share the experience presented.

"I paid to see these plants," insisted the

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Challenge #04094-K076: Act Like a Child...

You know, I always find it so shocking how some people can make such a massive upset over something so small. The way they're screaming you'd think I just told them their world was about to end. All I did was tell them that they cannot come aboard my ship because I've already a full complement of passengers. I refuse to to be unkind by making someone sit uncomfortably simply because this individual is throwing a temper-tantrum. -- DaniAndShali

Pilot Paz stared

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Challenge #04068-K050: Non-Toxic, Hazardous

The male knomira screamed at the guard to move aside, he knew what he was doing. The guard grinned to himself and did so. The knomira ended up on his backside, though really it was only his ego that was harmed. To be fair, the guard DID warn him that they still needed to clean up the rest of the spilled, slippery but otherwise relatively harmless, lubricant. -- Anon Guest

"How can a harmless chemical spill block off an entire walkway? What

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Challenge #04051-K033: Don't Touch!

A Knomira is dealing with bad cuts, a bloody nose, ripped up clothes, and a lot of humiliation. What happened? She screamed about "her rights as a human on a human-made station", and tried to force a furry Deathworlder to be her servant, and he defended himself. -- BKF DaniAndShali

[AN: Using RNG for the genders in the story]

The ERT were on the scene in seconds. Security spritzed the alleged attacker with a calming chemical and tapped hir with an immobilizing

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Challenge #03975-J323: Try Though They Might...

Sofflox is a beautiful, but oddly deadly - to non-natives anyhow, havenworld. Before, people had to wear full livesuits to leave the protected areas due to the spores of that world. Thanks to a couple of scientists born on that world, and human researchers, they come up with a special, clear, full-face mask that filters out all of the harmful stuff, so a person CAN visit without the full suit. It's still a little annoying, but at least a little more comfortable.

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Challenge #03959-J307: Habeas Testiculos

A knomira refuses to listen about safety protocols when entering a space station animal exhibit. They see very fluffy, bright purple and bright red, creatures with signs that read DON'T TOUCH! AGGRESSIVE! POISONOUS BITES!

They learn the hard way what happens when they try to force their way into the cages to pet the fluffy, seemingly cute, animals. -- Anon Guest

The signs were everywhere around the cage. In several common languages. Including pictograms for those not familiar with those languages. There

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Challenge #03916-J264: Dramatic Deception

A knomira used to getting their way sits in a store and screams like a banshee when the customer they were screaming at and accused of lying when they denied being an employee pushed them away when the knomira grabbed an arm. The knomira let themselves fall to the ground scream like they'd been attacked, but proof was shown and the knomira would have to face the consequences for their actions. -- Anon Guest

The problem with multiple people using the same

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Challenge #03872-J220: Looks So Harmless

This was a Havenworld, at least for those native to it. Peaceful, utterly harmless.... everything. For those not native to it? They had to stay tightly in their livesuits, or in the special habitats, or risk death. Knomiras saw people walking outside with no livesuits and threw a fit. Fortunately, they got pulled back inside before too much damage was done. -- Fighting Fit

This world only looked like a paradise. Gatekeeper Ulf had the annoying duty of making sure that only

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Challenge #03551-I262: But... Ice Floats

Not all Knomiras are human. And not all Galactic citizens are as enlightened as they themselves think. -- AmberFox

[AN: Bless you for letting me get to the very roots of weaponised frailty]

Never under-estimate a worker in the service industry. They've gone through a lot to be there. For starters, they have to be able to recognise every species in the Galactic Alliance and recognise what they can tolerate.

Which works against the intolerant and the intolerable alike.

Tourist Saigilop Dayl

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Challenge #03522-I234: Empathic Disability

The CRC and Alliance eventually deports the knomira back to Alliance space for the rest of their prison term, they're pretty beat up, but very much alive, since killing them wasn't allowed. They keep screaming lawsuit. They learn the hard way all that they're going to pay, time and service, for their crimes. -- The New Guy

Throw enough violent tantrums, and someone somewhere will figure out a way to stop you. On pre-Shattering

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Challenge #03482-I194: The Time-Out Chamber

A Knomira is locked up for throwing a very violent temper tantrum in a shop which caused a large amount of damage to property and some injuries to various cogniscents. Now they're throwing another violent tantrum, because they're still locked up, and being required to go to therapy. -- Anon Guest

The habitat was a pale and inoffensive grey. Every possible surface was padded with cellulose fabric and cellulose stuffing. It did not help Marciatrude's general mood to know that any surface

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Challenge #03481-I193: Let's Dumb That Down For You

Despite multiple times being told NOT to do it, a Knomira ends up mixing multiple cleaning chemicals to "Clean their room properly." Ends up in an ICU pod with many in hazmat suits trying to clean the mess. -- Lessons

When she woke up, Iyn had the terrifying realisation that she was not breathing. She could glimpse the edges of some complicated machinery on her face and chest. She could not move. The screen above her eyes faded out from colourful blobs

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Challenge #03468-I180: Acts of Diminished Responsibility

A Knomira thinks they know better than the safety and security personnel, demanding they let her take her normal shortcut through the station to get back to her quarters. That area is blocked off due to upgrades being done. Long story short, Knomira forces her way in, refuses to acknowledge warning signs, and ends up in an ICU drawer.

Warning signs are there for a REASON people! -- Anon Guest

Floating on a cloud of really great painkillers. Watching friendly colourful blobs

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Challenge #03464-I176: Speak Your Truths

A person has invented a type of chamber that, when used as a courtroom, no one within the courtroom is able to lie. The energy waves were tested from the highest level Deathworlders to the gentlest of Havenworlders. Knomiras and Dereggers HATE it! -- Anon Guest

The Muddoks[1] called it "Truth Rays", but the Muddoks always had a negligible relationship with reality. What it truly was, was a means of harmlessly projecting mild electromagnetic pulses in tune with cogniscent brains. Those

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