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Challenge #03872-J220: Looks So Harmless

This was a Havenworld, at least for those native to it. Peaceful, utterly harmless.... everything. For those not native to it? They had to stay tightly in their livesuits, or in the special habitats, or risk death. Knomiras saw people walking outside with no livesuits and threw a fit. Fortunately, they got pulled back inside before too much damage was done. -- Fighting Fit

This world only looked like a paradise. Gatekeeper Ulf had the annoying duty of making sure that only prepared people or the actual natives exited into the natural atmosphere.

Most of the tourists were there to see the sky whales, and some were disappointed that they looked more like jellyfish than the Terran titans of the oceans. Some were there to see one of the few Havenworlds that could kill. A very few were nerds who actually cared where hydrophillic fluff came from.

All the same, Spore Season on Sofflox was very beautiful.

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Challenge #01416-C321: Feed the Cow

"Cash cow" : Money producing object or project, some are carefully tended and flourish. Some are bled of cash, milked dry and only then last minute revival plans, or quick sale contemplated. -- Anon Guest

It was a mystery how such a show made it to the number one position of any television genre at all, let alone the number one watched show in the entire world. The premise was daft, the characters were simple archetypes, and the plot, such as it was,

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