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Challenge #04146-K128: Feels Familiar

The animals on this planet were immensely cute, but surprisingly aggressive even if they were mostly harmless to even a level 1 or 2 havenworlder, and almost completely harmless to most deathworlders. The colonists carefully guarded this place against dereggers who decided these fierce little feisties would be the new "must-have pet". And they were not subtle about their protection of this world against such behaviors.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02287-f097-it-was-not-effective -- Anon Guest

They were eventually named Fizzgigs after a fantastic creature from Pre-Shattering Terran media. Advertised as "forty pounds of hostility in a three-ounce bag". They were fluffy, and adorable, and eternally pissed-off at the larger portion of the universe.

They were happily fructivorous and eventually tameable. Even their kits were little savages. So of course the Humans had to have them.

There was a rather intense breeding program to make sure the biota of Elysi'ish remained undisturbed. The ones released to the Alliance were bred pets. In the middle of attempted domestication. It was still touch and go regarding whether those efforts had made any progress.

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Challenge #03956-J304: Too Much Like You

They were trying to be more like the ship's human. The ship's human apologized while treating their friend's injury, though at least it was minor. Sad that their friend hurt themselves trying to push it too far. -- DaniAndShali

"I tried to tell you," said Human Otz as she carefully cleansed Orz' injuries. "My fanciest buugengs[1] are sharp. Why didn't you stick with the light plastic ones I printed for you?"

"You warned me that I was not skilled enough. That

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Challenge #03948-J296: Up, Up, and Away

Want an example of human insanity my friend? Think of using the equivalent of a powerful blow-torch to heat up air in a big cloth bag, and riding underneath it on a flammable wicker basket. -- Anon Guest

Honestly, the Humans should have stopped with eggshells and smouldering tapers. That sort of thing demonstrated the principal and didn't involve risk to life or limb. Unfortunately, Humans get bored very easily. They also ask questions like, "What are the limits here?"

Which they

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Challenge #03633-I345: Really Big Softy

A Human has a pair of massive Maine Coon cats. They're gentle, fluffy, and HUGE. Needless to say, until they get to know the felines, some Havenworlders are terrified. The poor things are rescue cats from a cruel Deregger who had them declawed. -- Anon Guest

The Human had a pair of predators as pets. Because of course a Human saw nothing wrong with keeping predators in their habitat. Deathworlders. They were all the same. Right up to claiming their carnivorous beasts

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Challenge #03576-I287: Close Encounter, Near Miss

The person LOOKS like they're a Knomira harassing a Havenworlder and grabbing at their child. Until, suddenly, another being is grabbed and restrained who had been stalking the Havenworlder, and the person admits they acted in that way to keep themselves between the stalker and the Havenworlder, who had been trying to kidnap the Havenworlder's youngster. They apologize for the scare, they had only been trying to help. -- Anon Guest

Roughgrit Station had only recently been cleared for Havenworlders. They were

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Challenge #03555-I266: To Walk the Flame

Havenworlders and other Deathworlders, at least those not from really hot planets, are aghast as they watch humans in firewalking ceremonies. How in the name of the POWERS are humans walking on fire and hot coals barefoot? -- Fighting Fit

Welcome to Terra. Come for the spectacles, stay for the food. The Humans will do anything to show off for an audience. Including things that really should hurt them worse than they do.

These humans were walking barefoot across fire. Well. Technically,

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Challenge #03551-I262: But... Ice Floats

Not all Knomiras are human. And not all Galactic citizens are as enlightened as they themselves think. -- AmberFox

[AN: Bless you for letting me get to the very roots of weaponised frailty]

Never under-estimate a worker in the service industry. They've gone through a lot to be there. For starters, they have to be able to recognise every species in the Galactic Alliance and recognise what they can tolerate.

Which works against the intolerant and the intolerable alike.

Tourist Saigilop Dayl

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Challenge #03488-I200: Trouble From the Little Things

A broken-hearted child who was severely scolded and reprimanded all because they were trying to be kind, now hesitates to help even when asked. Constantly terrified they are going to be shouted at for doing even the smallest thing for anyone. They've taken to isolating themselves, afraid of being around others, and in need of a lot of therapy.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03334-i046-satans-cobblestone -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you actually read that story, there's not a lot of yelling. Frustration

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Challenge #03438-I150: Critical Misunderstanding

A Knomira sees a human carrying a large bird on their shoulder. They try to pet the bird and the person states quite coldly they have to ask the bird's permission. The Havenworlder is NOT happy about the Knomira throwing a fit calling them a 'pet'. It's not their fault their translator's broken! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translator software is almost universally useless in my future. Galactics prefer to use the services of living translators, usually JOATS]

"Why didn't you train your

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Challenge #03403-I115: They Call the Room Jim

A human starts up an exercise studio aboard one of the much larger stations. This place is reinforced to ensure humans can do their full exercise without harming the infrastructure, but its main focus is teaching isometric exercise routines to everyone, humans and galactics alike.

Here are some small examples of isometric training. But there are tons of others.



https://www.vertimax.com/blog/top-20-isometric-exercises-for-static-strength-training -- Anon Guest

The Humans were

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Challenge #03129-H220: Not the Intended Use

They'd been using the juices from a bright yellow fruit brought from the Terrans so long ago. They used it to eat away grease from engines and as an industrial-strength solvent, and to remove adhesives from various surfaces. Mixed another way, as a cleaning material that left a fairly pleasant scent. So imagine their surprise when humans were found to be plucking the fruit from the trees, mixing the juice with water and a little sugar, and drinking it! -- Anon Guest

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Challenge #03127-H218: Close Encounters of the Telegenic Kind

People of the Alliance go to the deadliest country on the planet Earth, Australia, and meet the happiest animal on the continent. The quokka.

https://bestlifeonline.com/quokka/ -- Lessons

This was odd for a Havenworlder tour of a Deathworld. They expected to visit the safer areas of Earth and thereby toughen up their genes via epigenetics. They were understandably alarmed to learn that they were visiting Australia. The one part of Earth that was almost at level five[1]. After the

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Challenge #03119-H210: Turn Beast

The world was a level 1 Deathworld, to humans, it was damn near a haven world. The storms that DID blow up were no where near the level that Earth could throw at them, and the few predators, although somewhat dangerous, were terrified of the smell of smoke, and therefore were kept well away.

The Humans chatted cheerfully as they set up the tents in two sets of circles. The larger tents for the adult Humans on the outside, smaller tents for

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Challenge #03110-H202: Friendship Formed With Rock

You want someone who can protect you, go to a human-made space station. There are so many there that can't throw a rock without hitting a strong protector! -- Anon Guest

Okie should not have tested the literality of that statement. In their thin defense, the rock was small and her throwing arm was not as significant as the Deathworlders present in Bahydawiyal Station. The pebble sailed up into the ambient atmosphere, arced according to the laws of physics, and landed on

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Challenge #03109-H201: A Walking Holiday in Rainbow Park

A Human takes their Havenworlder friends to Earth to walk through a beautiful park where the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. Lining the path are beautiful lilac bushes, also blooming, and not far from there are early blooming apple trees. A lovely garden of flowers surrounding them on a warm, early, summer afternoon. -- Anon Guest

It was a cascade of colour. Pink and blue and primrose too. Some of that colour was literally cascading downwards with every gentle breeze.

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