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Challenge #02872-G315: Small Thrills, Big Day

A human's friend has been begging them for months to take them to Earth to a local event. Something that all humans could enjoy in one form or another. Something that was fun for all humans but didn't involve large explosions or things being destroyed. The human thought for a long moment and smiled, they had the most perfect idea. And that is how this level one havenworlder ended up sitting and trying deep fried cheese curds and onion rings for the first time, while sitting at a county fair. The human danced in a line dance, the havenworlder tried a merry-go-round, and there was fun and laughter late into the twilight hours. -- DaniAndShali

The Podunk County Fair didn't have fireworks. The budget didn't include it. What they did have was a car with comically oversized tyres squashing defunct vehicles with an option for plumes of smoke from its superstructure. It was not the world's hottest destination for thrillseekers. Well. Not for Human thrillseekers.

Only humanity could commodify this event by splashing HAVENWORLDER SAFE! in large, friendly letters all over the flyers. The result was an optimistic spiel from Companion Fluuph towards Human Ford, who was there for a holiday and family time.

The morning of the week-long Podunk County Fair dawned, and Human Ford put on her shoulder saddle after breakfast. She announced, "I'm takin' Chicken to the fair, any o' y'all comin'?" A small avian cogniscent like Fluuph may have been insulted by the nickname of "Chicken", but Fluuph was used to Humans and their peculiar ways. Besides, they did rather resemble the fluffier breeds of Terran domestic avians.

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Challenge #02843-G286: Storm Damage

The tour-group had gone to the plains of the region known as the United States and was at a museum that told of such things as the Great Depression, and how humans had caused such damage to their lands that this region even suffered a catastrophe known as the Dust Bowl, when a loud warning blared out. A particularly large tornado was on its way.

Fortunately, the place had shelters to survive even an F5 so no one was hurt, or killed,

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Challenge #02840-G283: For Great Fitness

The human was moving slowly, very slowly, and doing deep breaths with each slow movement. They almost looked like moves one would do in combat, but these were too languid.. too.. relaxed. The saurian scientists aboard the ship were curious and a few even tried the movements, with varying degrees of success, and one asked the human as they paused a moment to watch their friends, what was that odd motion just now? The human smiled and said in a relaxed tone

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Challenge #02817-G260: The Planet's Haunted?

The storm-damaged ship manages to land safely on a planet where resources are minimal at best. The entire crew are level one and level two haven-worlders, but they have one death-worlder aboard. An 8 year old human child. They were transporting the child to a space station as the child had recently been rescued from kidnappers who were now sitting in prison.

On this planet, not everything is what it appears. Food keeps showing up at the entryway and footsteps can be

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Challenge #02801-G244: Not as Advertised

A havenworld has heard about the big- dangerous, helpful humans for generations. About a year before they manage to actually make contact, they manage to get their first written-word, non-hearsay written texts on humans. Unfortunately, they don't understand fiction and have never heard of superhero comic books. -- Anon Guest

Human artifacts travel further and faster than the Humans themselves. Some things are just easier to move around in small spaces. Useful Deathworlders also often reach other species before the Humans do.

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