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Challenge #03555-I266: To Walk the Flame

Havenworlders and other Deathworlders, at least those not from really hot planets, are aghast as they watch humans in firewalking ceremonies. How in the name of the POWERS are humans walking on fire and hot coals barefoot? -- Fighting Fit

Welcome to Terra. Come for the spectacles, stay for the food. The Humans will do anything to show off for an audience. Including things that really should hurt them worse than they do.

These humans were walking barefoot across fire. Well. Technically, they were walking across the hot embers of a fire. Observers could see the glow and heat-haze from the still-smouldering charcoal. They could see that there was absolutely no protection for the humans walking a path that should have sent them into medical supervision. For many, it was further proof that the Human race was insane.

Very many declined the invitation to also walk the burning path. Though many noted that the Humans never strolled along the hall of embers stretched over the ground. They walked briskly, and never paused. But speed alone could not protect Human skin from scorching.

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Challenge #03546-I257: Deathworlder Branded Fun

Two humans ended up in the infirmary needing injuries to faces and hands treated. Especially the faces. Why? The two were boxing, just for the fun of it. Needless to say, medics dislike it greatly when humans do this to each other. -- Anon Guest

The understanding barrier is sometimes difficult to surmount. Such was the case aboard the Egmont, in an event with two Humans and a Medik. Human Daeth and Human Wat bore multiple contusions and lacerations. Medik Ixodidd treated

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Challenge #03368-I080: Unweapons Ready

A mixed class of Humans and other Deathworlders have joined a space marines corps within the Alliance. It's a lot harder than it looks, even for the Human cadets. -- Anon Guest

They say that war never changes, but the fields of conflict do indeed change. The arms race is one that cannot be won, only lost. Eventually, some smartarse invents the ultimate defensive capabilities and too much money is spent on looking for something that could get through it.

Firstly, the

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Challenge #03303-I015: The Terrors of Human Larvae

Q: How do you terrify a Vorax?

A: Stick them on a ship with a bunch of humans and tell them they're going to have to babysit the toddlers!

This exchange program is going to require the poor Vorax getting a large amount of therapy afterward. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Children should never be seen as punishment. No matter what the circumstances]

There was a nervous peace between the Humans and the Vorax. The Alliance was letting the Humans spread their pack-bonding

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Challenge #03261-H352: Beware the Shy and Retiring Wildlife

A Deathworlder alien visits Australia, they don't listen when the humans tell them it's too dangerous to go even into the shallows of the water along the beach by Perth. The idiot, despite the human running as fast as they can to stop them, goes wading in with an arrogant smirk of "it's only water, and if the fish is named after a harmless substance that even your kind use to denote someone who's weak or cowardly, how bad can it be?

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Challenge #03201-H292: Therapeutic Tales

The Havenworlders who were saved when the scaffold fell decided to visit the Human that saved them. The medics realized having the Human sit alone in silence, while it did help the body heal, was damaging to a human's mind and caused them to become agitated. So the medics invited the visitors to come, to chat, and explained that it helped a human recover. The workers who had put up the scaffolding incorrectly, which lead to the accident, also visited, to apologize.

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Challenge #03182-H273: Turnabout Refreshment

ryivhnn68 22 hours ago

There will be an equivalent to this happening somewhere where the humans are silently or otherwise freaking out when one of their new friends just goes ahead and chugs some industrial grade cleaner or fuel because it's a delicacy back where they're from XD

From the comments -- DaniAndShali

Human Zen had been trying to get the gluck off a part for an assembly. It was some pretty solid stuff, and necessitated

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Challenge #03161-H252: Teaching Gently

Level 1 Havenworlders, and levels one through three Deathworlders, were being trained in how to work in childcare facilities that would have human children there. How to help them burn off the excess energy Human children tended to have, and to keep the Human children, and all other children, as well as themselves, safe. -- Anon Guest

Education in the Galactic Alliance gets... interesting. Class sizes rarely exceed ten. Indeed, eight is when the facility starts looking at ways to divide the

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Challenge #03133-H224: Learn From Mistakes

The four humans, on leave from the ships they work aboard, are sitting around a table with four boxes that simply read Dangerous Nuts High Scoville. Once known to humans as "The Death Nut Challenge". Grinning, and razzing each other, they're about to each see how much spiciness they can handle when a level 3 Deathworlder, full of arrogance, pulls up a chair and demands to join them. After all, these squishy, weak-looking, apes are eating what is just five little nuts,

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Challenge #03110-H202: Friendship Formed With Rock

You want someone who can protect you, go to a human-made space station. There are so many there that can't throw a rock without hitting a strong protector! -- Anon Guest

Okie should not have tested the literality of that statement. In their thin defense, the rock was small and her throwing arm was not as significant as the Deathworlders present in Bahydawiyal Station. The pebble sailed up into the ambient atmosphere, arced according to the laws of physics, and landed on

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Challenge #03045-H122: Medicinal Purposes Only

Stranded Human: Does this look infected to you?

Stranded Alien: It looks...abnormal?

Stranded Human: Yeah...I don't think treating this can wait for rescue...

Stranded Alien: (starting to panic a little) How do we treat it????

Stranded Human: We start by collecting some of those plants that were too toxic for me to eat.... -- Anon Guest

"The ones we have to handle with gloves, or the ones that we need a livesuit to go near?"

"The ones we have to

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Challenge #03020-H097: With Stone Tools

The Vorax were stranded on a planet with several humans, both ships having been taken down by an unexpected solar flare of significant intensity. Due to the fact this was a survival situation, the two factions, for now, put aside their differences to work together. These Vorax, like many others, had heard stories of humans and their abilities. But it really did not hit home how true these stories were, until they insisted on going with the humans to hunt prey animals

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Challenge #02986-H063: Surprising Gifts

They were a level 3.5 to level 4 deathworlder. Yet they wore a livesuit because they were quite small and looked almost like a humanoid jellyfish in appearance. Their world would be considered a 'gas planet' where none could land, but in a world where there is tonnes of organic matter, life would evolve. Not quite a gas giant as far as size and gravity, but not a small world. Yet the livesuit was not to protect them from the atmosphere

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Challenge #02985-H062: The Superman Paradox

I would like to see a level 2 or 3 deathworlder who doesn't recognize a human as a level 4/4.5 deathworlder trying to be protective of the squishy. And the human letting them, on account of not being a fighting type of person. Right up until the level 2 or 3 deathworlder gets in over their head, and then the human is like nope. You do not hurt my protector. I am protector now, and it is time for adrenaline

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Challenge #02969-H046: Don't Try to Understand it

Many birds on Earth are unaffected by capsacinoids in hot peppers (mammals are bothered, but mammal digestive systems destroy the seeds of the pepper plants, while avian digestive systems let the seeds pass through unharmed). May we see some avian sentients enjoying a nice ghost pepper and carolina reaper salad with a flavorful habenero sauce? Eye-watering fumes that could bother any nearby mammals are a bonus. -- Anon Guest

Pretty much everyone agrees that Humans are fairly weird. They're hairless apes possessing

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