Challenge #03737-J084: Salty, Fatty, Sweet, and Deep Fried

It makes me wonder, as I sit here looking out the port at the stars. How are the Alliance handling the idea of the Thranityr, especially the Vorax subvariant, no longer being a major danger ever since us humans came along to teach them the foods that we, ourselves, are constantly being told to eat in moderation? -- Anon Guest

It was an old argument against Deathworlders. Let one in and more will follow. And now it seemed to be coming true in the worst way.

Humans had made friends with the Vorax. With cheese. And pork belly. And heinous amounts of sugar. And greasy, greasy, horrible fried foods. And a metric ton of salt. In brief, the Humans won Vorax hearts and minds with the food they had made that was absolutely terrible for Humans.

The news was all over the Edge and soon spreading via those territories to the Alliance as a whole. Opinions were divided. Some were already hoping that the Deathworlder Horror Diet would eventually kill the Vorax as well.

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