Challenge #03736-J083: Hateful Consequences

A magic user abuses their gifts. They are young and acting stupidly. They are taught a harsh lesson in being responsible for their own actions. -- Anon Guest

The thing with being inherently magical is that one can cause a lot of trouble with simple mageworks. The ability to conjure sounds, surface-level illusions, or small and temporary objects creates a great deal of opportunities.

Many opportunities to do good. Or many opportunities to create mischief.

Sanborn had taken a misliking to the local Watch Captain, Rafril Metsk. Because he made hir mama's days in town miserable. As if it were Mama's fault for being born with horns on her head or a tail at her back. Mama said he'd hated her for keeping Sanborn as her own child. So Sanborn figured that ze had to teach this rude man a lesson or three. Or way more than that.

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