Challenge #03555-I266: To Walk the Flame

Havenworlders and other Deathworlders, at least those not from really hot planets, are aghast as they watch humans in firewalking ceremonies. How in the name of the POWERS are humans walking on fire and hot coals barefoot? -- Fighting Fit

Welcome to Terra. Come for the spectacles, stay for the food. The Humans will do anything to show off for an audience. Including things that really should hurt them worse than they do.

These humans were walking barefoot across fire. Well. Technically, they were walking across the hot embers of a fire. Observers could see the glow and heat-haze from the still-smouldering charcoal. They could see that there was absolutely no protection for the humans walking a path that should have sent them into medical supervision. For many, it was further proof that the Human race was insane.

Very many declined the invitation to also walk the burning path. Though many noted that the Humans never strolled along the hall of embers stretched over the ground. They walked briskly, and never paused. But speed alone could not protect Human skin from scorching.

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