Challenge #03303-I015: The Terrors of Human Larvae

Q: How do you terrify a Vorax?

A: Stick them on a ship with a bunch of humans and tell them they're going to have to babysit the toddlers!

This exchange program is going to require the poor Vorax getting a large amount of therapy afterward. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Children should never be seen as punishment. No matter what the circumstances]

There was a nervous peace between the Humans and the Vorax. The Alliance was letting the Humans spread their pack-bonding all over the other dangerous Deathworlders.

So far, as the jocular falling man might say, so good.

Whilst the Vorax did have a name for themselves, it was not yet part of the greater Galactic vocabulary. Thusly, Vorax Q'ghaash had to put up with Vorax as his honourific.

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