Challenge #03302-I014: You Touch, You Die

There's one universal truth. Never get between a set of parents and their children. -- Anon Guest

The Universe has ways of answering the wrong questions. Those who know this never put voice to questions like, "How bad can it get?" or, "What could possibly go wrong?" It also responds to the terminally daft when they say, "It can't possibly get any worse," because the first law of the Universe is that it was NOT made to be kind.

Some Vorax, like H'gaak, have yet to learn this. So when ze returned to the raider vessel, ze had no idea of the trouble it was about to cause. H'gaak had a small clutch of Havenworlder young.

The raid leader saw it and said, "What the flakk[1]?" She demanded. "Why are you keeping ignoble-survivors?"

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