Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news:

  • 15 122 new cases
  • 86 953 total active cases
  • 702 hospitalisations
  • 47 in the ICU
  • and 7 new deaths
  • 5 555 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 115 279 national doses
  • 23 200 Qld Doses
  • 3 898 ACT doses
  • 27 467 NSW doses
  • 877 NT doses
  • 10 652 SA doses
  • 5 719 Tas doses
  • 29 759 Vic doses
  • 13 707 WA doses

I have Patreon deliveries to do, today. PLNs to get back on fic tagging, dungeon building, and worldbuilding over at WorldAnvil. I'm plotting to set all my future Fantasy stories in Alfarell so I need to make something I can refer to at any time. And something that has all the WOTC copyrights taken out.

It's going to be fun. Eventually.

In the news:

  • Volcano on or near Tonga has blown up, causing devastation there
  • Muppet keeps making egocentric claims, causing devastation to US politics
  • The plague is still horrible to catch, no matter how "survivable" it is
  • Tonga's actually split in half!
  • Some rando stabbed a student to death while she was working at a furniture shop
  • Randy Andy is now trying to claim that his victim may be suffering from "false memories". Stay classy
  • Tennis Snowflake goes home looking all sad. Aw, go cry about it
  • Unvaxxed all over Aus are starting a cult a secret society
  • Domestic abuse survivor marries bloke who murdered his first wife. I'm sure this is not going to end well
  • Randy Andy could be rendered broke as a consequence of his actions. Boo firkin hoo
  • Australia's Billionaires got even richer over the Plague. Bring out la Guillotine
  • Her Majesty is getting solar
  • Women in Illinois can now get their birth control without medical interference
  • 11 Million YO rainforest fossils found in Australia

And now I set up for the stream. Yay.