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Challenge #03377-I089: Priority One

In a ship load of orphans, found in floating safety pods, the two of us stood in a sea of stars. Then THEY came to hurt our babies. I may just be a ship, and my partner may be alone save for me at their side, but touch my kids, and I will destroy you! -- Anon Guest

The SS Plover brought the children back inside when all was safe. The automated systems had taken care of all the dangerous things. The biohazards were safely bagged and stored for more capable hands.

Priority One: Protect the children.

Pilot sailed ahead and Plover followed it. They were headed somewhere safe, Plover knew this. The automated systems would give the children healthy, balanced meals, they would sing the children to sleep. Plover could speak to them, and they could speak to her.

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Challenge #03302-I014: You Touch, You Die

There's one universal truth. Never get between a set of parents and their children. -- Anon Guest

The Universe has ways of answering the wrong questions. Those who know this never put voice to questions like, "How bad can it get?" or, "What could possibly go wrong?" It also responds to the terminally daft when they say, "It can't possibly get any worse," because the first law of the Universe is that it was NOT made to be kind.

Some Vorax, like

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