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Challenge #03546-I257: Deathworlder Branded Fun

Two humans ended up in the infirmary needing injuries to faces and hands treated. Especially the faces. Why? The two were boxing, just for the fun of it. Needless to say, medics dislike it greatly when humans do this to each other. -- Anon Guest

The understanding barrier is sometimes difficult to surmount. Such was the case aboard the Egmont, in an event with two Humans and a Medik. Human Daeth and Human Wat bore multiple contusions and lacerations. Medik Ixodidd treated them automatically, but failed to understand the exact circumstances.

"If you were having a dispute, the counselor is always available." Cool packs for the bruising. Antiseptic and astringent for the bleeding, and bandaging suitable for the site. He never once stopped moving.

"It wasn't a dispute," insisted Human Wat, holding a cool pack to her eye. "We were boxing. You know? Fighting for the purpose of physical excellence?"

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