Challenge #03917-J265: Five Ends of Them Are Pointy

Wutu's transport was attacked. Deceptive, Dessie, now well grown, was laying near its owner purring. But the pirates learned quickly, that the cat had learned to guard its owner against hostiles, and be gentle toward friendlies. They'd live, but would definitely need quite a lot of medical care. -- Anon Guest

Of all the incontrovertible laws that governed the universe, there was one that Humans insisted be upheld. Once a cat is on your lap, you are not allowed to move.

Deceptive, Dessie for short, was a purring blanket of fluff that weighed down Wutu's feet. Rumbling like thunder. Any attempt to move resulted in kitty claws sinking meaningfully into Wutu's denim protection.

It was the worst possible time for Space Pirates to attack, but attack they did.

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