Challenge #03709-J056: What's it Feel Like?

They're 6 ft tall, they look like great, big, fluffy, plushie versions of lizards, due to their home planet being a rather cold place, and humans are absolutely sqee'ing in delight. To the humans, these creatures, Deathworlders like them, are so absolutely adorable it's almost painful! -- Anon Guest

They were called the Quetzaloq, and they were indeed feathered lizards. They met the Humans on a frosty world they were both looking at for resort capability. For an uncomfortable moment, ape met reptile across a frosty field and both assumed the other was native to the area.

It's an honest mistake.

When they also simultaneously realised they were observing each other's duck blinds, they had a good laugh about it. Then the Humans did what Humans always do, and spread their pack-bonding all over the place.

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