Challenge #03700-J047: Welcome to Heaven on...

I read your latest story while at work. My coworkers wondered what the cackling was about, but I couldn't help it, it was just too amusing. I saw the comment and I would like to second it. Would you do a story where the individuals actually arrive at, and participate in, the food eating competition?

It is from here - -- The New Guy

Food! Glorious food! Daiv was anxious to try it. Gleaming piles of deep-fried glorious caloric indulgence. Hal had pinned a sash to Daiv's torso that read LACTOSE INTOLERANT in large, friendly letters. Just in case they got separated.

Daiv was not prepared to leave Hal's side just yet. Thranityr still had a reputation amongst many cogniscents. The little FRIEND badge that helped keep the sash on may not be as much help as Hal seemed to think it was.

"Where are the legendary deep fried mars bars?" asked Daiv, facial tentacles dribbling in anticipation.

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