Thursday, Some Small Progress

I have given up on ClipStudio for the meanwhile, and have resolved myself towards creating an all-new, all-different cover for 2022's Year of Instants.

It's been a trial.

So far, I have created the very essential melty clock. Behold:

[Shown here, a clock with visible gears and the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions replaced with Dec, Mar, Jun, and Sep respectively. The bottom side of the clock is oozing and dripping as if it is becoming liquid]

Fingers crossed, it's a transparent PNG. I don't know yet.
That clock represents two hours firkin work.

I really aught to get on with today's tale before I commence with the rest of the nonsense.

I have had repeated instances of technology fucking hating me, but at least Lunacy doesn't require me to be connected to the firkin internet.

So let's go write a story and start praying for better luck.