Challenge #03994-J342: Another Game of Tag

A swift deathworlder with a strong ship refuses to believe humans cannot be escaped if someone simply TRIES hard enough. They make a challenge. 1 v 1, any person - except a lucker or pax humanis - can be chosen for this. The challenge? They get 1 day head start and the human has the equivalent of one month to catch them. The gambling on this went wild. -- Anon Guest

One average, ordinary, everyday Human accountant with access to any everyday resource versus a Deathworlder with everything they normally had access to. There's always someone who wants to prove they're the biggest dog in the yard, and this was yet another occurrence of the game.

Deathworlder Challenger Kaj had a day to get away from Human Qing. After that, then the Human was free to do anything within their normal realms of expertise and resources to find and then physically contact Kaj.

The betting pool was marked in hours and days, with or without travel time. The betting was hot, and usually in the lower available numbers.

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