Friday, Finishing Preparations

I did one thing I've been planning to do for literal years and it's a Crimbo present. Yay. Not saying anything more about that because spoilers. I can only hope that it's welcome when received.

I've done my stretchies, cleaned out the catio, and fed the felines. In a few short minutes, I shall start with my regular nonsense. Including the Stencyl stuff and some chapter recordings. AND The Bikkie.

I am not going anywhere and doing very much but my work at home. At last. I get a day to relax. Tomorrow, Chaos and I head out to our regular parkrun and do the fitness thing.

Side-note: I really need knee bracers. I can feel my patella slipping every now and again. Very painful. Alas, I can't afford them. Just like I can't afford to replace the tyres that allegedly have "age cracks" in them.

My car's been to three different repair people and each one spotted something else wrong with my car. I smell a rat. On the other hand, it could also be a genuine thing.

Gotta look after the car first. That's my means of getting to my other solutions.


I move onwards. I have to.