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Friday, Finishing Preparations

I did one thing I've been planning to do for literal years and it's a Crimbo present. Yay. Not saying anything more about that because spoilers. I can only hope that it's welcome when received.

I've done my stretchies, cleaned out the catio, and fed the felines. In a few short minutes, I shall start with my regular nonsense. Including the Stencyl stuff and some chapter recordings. AND The Bikkie.

I am not going anywhere and doing very much but my work at home. At last. I get a day to relax. Tomorrow, Chaos and I head out to our regular parkrun and do the fitness thing.

Side-note: I really need knee bracers. I can feel my patella slipping every now and again. Very painful. Alas, I can't afford them. Just like I can't afford to replace the tyres that allegedly have "age cracks" in them.

My car's been to three different repair people and each one spotted something else wrong with my car. I smell a rat. On the other hand, it could also be a genuine thing.

Gotta look after the car first. That's my means of getting to my other solutions.


I move onwards. I have to.

Monday, Supplemental Expedition

I have a list. I have hopes that I will be able to fill it out today with little in the way of trouble.

Just a few things. Should be easy.

Never firkin is.

Also kind'a sorta sick of poking the kids into thinking of others during the season. One last half-hearted nudge and I surrender.

Let them do as they whist.

I am going to head offski to the shops RSN. Local supermarket should have everything I'm looking for, all being

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Friday, Unfuckening and Preparations

It's Friday, so I have some household unfuckening to do. I have cancelled tomorrow morning's stream because my love and I are going walking for our health. The stream will be happening somewhere after I get back home and possibly have a shower.

I'm getting the hang of DungeonDraft. Yay. It's a lot faster than TaleSpire and I'm feeling better about getting things ready for D&D sessions sooner.

Next, I learn how to handle OwlBear Rodeo. That's for the mobs.

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Challenge #02646-G089: Nothing?

Vorax-Ambassador: "Alright. I'm all decked out; got my calming Medication, my Weapons, my Suit, my Everything. I'm ready for this and nothing can Stop me!"

---'laughs in 4.5 Deathworld'--- -- Anon Guest

The Vorax are not mindless eating machines. Their metabolisms just happen to be set on 'rush' and they actively need dense calories to make it through the day. Usually. The advent of calming medication to keep their rage/pillage instincts curbed had helped diplomatic relations intensely. Therefore, the new

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Almost done!

So... the quest to get my hair recoloured didn't turn out great. I was used to the warnings that came with Fudge, which stuck around for ages. I didn't expect stains to act exactly as they said on the tin.


The good news is that there are (allegedly) three sources of Fudge hair dye that are relatively nearby. So post-unfuckening, I will be off to two of those because...


I know for a fact that one of those sources is

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Dry run day today

It’s Friday. The last school day before I’m off to strange lands.

So, of course, I’m making Hubby do everything I usually do whilst I’m here to supervise ‘cause I’m a paranoid B.

So far he’s woken up Chaos [Autistic, age 6] to come on a walk with him, Mayhem and the hound, and then left her lag behind 'cause I was there to hold her hand. Not encouraging,

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Now the internet is fixed...

I’m not diverting the ponies. They have served their purpose in keeping a nice, long queue for me.

Besides, I’m likely to fill up my queue with Thailand stuff anyway.

Got Hubby to walk the dog with me, this morning. As always, his ideas of hound control and mine differ greatly. And as always, his are super effective. When I get back, I’m going to have to use them.

In the great field of canid-related expenses,

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