Friday, Unfuckening and Preparations

It's Friday, so I have some household unfuckening to do. I have cancelled tomorrow morning's stream because my love and I are going walking for our health. The stream will be happening somewhere after I get back home and possibly have a shower.

I'm getting the hang of DungeonDraft. Yay. It's a lot faster than TaleSpire and I'm feeling better about getting things ready for D&D sessions sooner.

Next, I learn how to handle OwlBear Rodeo. That's for the mobs. After I'm done with chambering and set dressing.

I think I have a procedure, now. Draw all the walls and chambers, add the scenery, and then populate it in another app.

I can do WAY more in DungeonDraft, WAY faster than TaleSpire. I think I like it. I might even give the peeps responsible more money for some extras. When I actually HAVE more money.

I have two birthdays and a Christmas to plan. Yeeks.

Stream soon. Stories and more thereafter.