Challenge #03603-I314: An Anxiety of Options

I have no job, no money to pay for food or rent, and yet these people... are just letting me stay in this apartment for...for FREE! Why? They even make sure I have a weekly stipend for food, and care for my health condition. I've... never had anything like this before. Why? I don't understand. -- Anon Guest

It was another day without authority telling hir what to do. Another day without sirens and notices and twenty managers telling hir to step up, work harder, and pull hirself up by hir bootlaces.

Not that they ever gave hir boots. That would be too expensive for a trolley case.

This situation was too expensive. Ze could feel the bills racking up. A full-sized sleeping niche. A hygeine booth with all the trimmings. Hot and cold water if so desired. Soap that did not burn holes in hir skin. Three meals a day, all nutritionally balanced and varied in flavour. And hir choices of medical care. For free. So they said.

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