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Challenge #03455-I167: Look Upon My Works and Despair

A Deregger, not quite at "gunpoint" but close enough, has to make a deal to allow the Alliance to come in to help clean the mess up on their world before it becomes a grave-world. They're allowed to STAY in power, sorta, but with heavy supervision and lessons on ACTUALLY governing properly. -- Lessons

Picture if you will, a gilded, Faberge bunker. Its owner has heard of Roccoco and thought the style far too bland. If it isn't made of the precious or the rare, it is not in there. It is also state of the art, or the state of this planet's art. It has an indoor pool in the shape of a voluptuous woman. It has a golf course. It has room for millions.

It houses one.

The staff are relegated to service tunnels, they come and go via hidden hatches. They sleep on bare concrete and they eat... whatever they can find. Including the Big Boss' garbage. One of those staff is in trouble because of a Smell.

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Challenge #03451-I163: Return to Sender

A Deregger invents a weapon that is as small as a micrometeor, however, as soon as the Hungry Caterpillar system snaps it up, it explodes. While one or two are not, on their own, all that dangerous, he figures hundreds of such tiny explosions will do quite a bit of damage inside those things. -- Anon Guest

Clever people have tried to sabotage the Hungry Caterpillar before. Chiefly, asteroid wranglers who considered supremacy in the deadly art of stopping space rocks before

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Challenge #03220-H311: Pieces of a New Life

"You've been up for nearly 72 hours, again! Are you finally going to tell me what's going on?"

"Sorry, I'll get some sleep soon, I promise."

"Isn't your insomnia medicine helping?"

"I've not been taking it."

"Why not?"

Hesitation... a deep breath... slowly they turn around and present a beautifully carved statue of stone with small gemstones inlaid and the etchings reading "To my first true friend."

"Because I wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the day you took me from that

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Challenge #03128-H219: It's Not Just a Cold

A Deregger escapee has an unusual quirk that makes them, of all things, immune to the immunoflu. Unfortunately, that means they're apt to contract the illnesses the immunoflu is meant to prevent, and catches a cold. -- Anon Guest

They told Pel he was lucky to survive. Once they discovered his truly peculiar genetic abnormality, those tellings doubled. The immunoflu was one of Humanity's Greatest Hits[1], since humanity could not contain or cure the common cold, they tamed it. Using the

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Challenge #03077-H169: Constant Vigilance

A Companion notices that the ship's human's livesuit is picking up on wild, unusual fluctuations in hormones related to emotions and high stress. On questioning, the human informs them that, due to a somewhat negligent upbringing and poor socialization as a child and adolescent, they suffer from underdeveloped emotional maturity... that will never fully develop. That ship has sailed, and they were NOT on board.

The explanation is delivered in a calm, somewhat bored tone, with a bland facial expression. The livesuit

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Challenge #03041-H118: Tactile Therapy

The ship's human is a former deregger still recovering from the horrors they endured. They often awakened in the middle of the night shaking and afraid. The companion liaison decided to do something about it and got the human a gift. A weighted blanket, and a soft, cuddly, comfort item that they, even though they were an adult, could cling to when they started to get lost in their own head. This fierce protector that helped the ship, and was an incredibly

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