Challenge #04056-K038: Handle With Extreme Caution

This crate contain dimensional rings that bends space in a way so it acts as a nice little pocket to store our customers belongings. You two idiots put it beside our GRAVITY GENERATOR. If you don’t know how gravity works, you better be grateful that I check the cargo and didn’t turn on the engine. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Dimensionally transcendent spaces usually don't mix with scifi (Doctor Who is a documentary lol) and can be a problem for drama purposes]

It finally happened. B'Nar had heard about Shayde's trickery with pocket realities and decided to experiment with making their own. B'Nar always did push the line between sufficiently advanced technology and sufficiently analysed magic.

The result of their experiments, besides several craters and one entrance to another dimension where nobody came back the same, was a pair of rings the size of hula hoops and a small library's worth of cautionary instructions.

Some of which were on the transit packaging.

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