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Mental Health

A 3-post collection

Bit in the butt

Remember how I said my procrastination would bite me in the butt? It has.

My shrink appointment's tomorrow and I had not gone to the quack since my last one. And I need a mental health plan to continue seeing my shrink.

The thing I've been dragging my feet over is that I also need my blood checked for cholesterols. I have the kit, but I really don't want to find out the lengths I have to go to in order to go through with it.

I am a little whiny baby about this, and I know it.

My sleep issues still need addressing. It's like I got used to the Keto Life(tm) and everything that bugged me about being alive came back to haunt my arse.

I need to stop dragging my arse about this noise.

And I will start with the cover art for Beauties and the Beastly. TODAY.

I will get that thing up and on my compy and firkin FONTED. Even if it is a first draft that will need Beloved's input to polish.

What I am not going to do is the traditional ribbony crap for the 'Beauty' part. Just. No. That shit's been overdone to death. Calligraphy yes, ribbons no.

The good news is that I made the quack's appointment and I plan to cart along the test kit and confess everything. Anxiety is a firkin bitch, sometimes. And since this is possibly what I'm freaking out about, I expect to feel REAL tired by this afternoon.

Which means I need to arrange a lazy dinner. Just in case.


First Sprint Day of the new workout regime and, owing to the early rain, we decided not to chance running our arses off on wet roads, but stayed home and skipped rope.

Things to remember:

  • Neither of us have skipped since our last Skipathon in Primary School.
  • That time is now literally decades ago.
  • The goal of Sprint Day is to do a fast-paced activity until you literally can't do it any more. Beloved mentioned the word "collapse".
  • I'm fighting gravity worse
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The strangeness of me

I've always known I'm not 'normal', and protest much that there's no such thing. My creativity and whims of creating, aka my Muse, takes me to strange places, sometimes.

My stories, fanfic and professional, are... odd. Just as I am odd.

As a kid, I was "weird". According to the professionals at the time, I was "brilliant but disorganised" and needed something to keep my creativity in one place. Not that that worked very well.

I did not have a wide social

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