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Mental Health

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I Dunno...

Liposomal vit C worked to lift my spirits, reset my energy levels, and otherwise make me make myself do things. BUT it tastes like arse and I really can't do my dose of that on the daily.

It's psychologically implausible.

Sugarless vit C comes in a handy "chewable" tablet that I swallow whole because I firkin hate chewable vitamins. It gets digested anyway, right? What sadistic genius invented "chewable" vitamins anyway?

I was made to suck on those intensely citrusy bastards when I was a kid. I've despised the existence of oranges ever since. Chewing one of them is anathema to me. Just. No. Give me a pill to swallow and I will thank you. Give me a pill and insist I chew it and I will start a gorram revolution.

Those things are firkin NAFF. End of.

LipC works fast because fat absorption. It also tastes like citrusy arse because of the lipids. I could chew a "chewable", but I'm not gonna. They work slower because it's just the vitamin C. And even slower in my case because I refuse to have them in my mouth longer than it takes to swallow those shits.

So for me, everything's in slow-mo until my bod catches up with the news that I have vitamin C now.

Which means that my brain gremlins are trying to convince me that this is all a waste of my time and I should give up and be depressed five-ever because nothing works for long/at all.

Yeah. Fuck those guys. I'm sticking with it.

Challenge #02050-E226: Stockholm's Invisible Bars

Humanity has always fascinated a certain alien “scientist” shall we say, though in reality they were nothing more than a monster. Their newest “pets” were the result of their most recent experiments in gaslighting and the human phenomenon known as Stockholm syndrome. Never had one so cruel ever known such an horrific punishment by the hands of humanity. -- Sorry

[AN: No you're not]

Beware becoming your obsession. There are many that will eat you alive and not even spit out your

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Bit in the butt

Remember how I said my procrastination would bite me in the butt? It has.

My shrink appointment's tomorrow and I had not gone to the quack since my last one. And I need a mental health plan to continue seeing my shrink.

The thing I've been dragging my feet over is that I also need my blood checked for cholesterols. I have the kit, but I really don't want to find out the lengths I have to go to in order to

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First Sprint Day of the new workout regime and, owing to the early rain, we decided not to chance running our arses off on wet roads, but stayed home and skipped rope.

Things to remember:

  • Neither of us have skipped since our last Skipathon in Primary School.
  • That time is now literally decades ago.
  • The goal of Sprint Day is to do a fast-paced activity until you literally can't do it any more. Beloved mentioned the word "collapse".
  • I'm fighting gravity worse
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The strangeness of me

I've always known I'm not 'normal', and protest much that there's no such thing. My creativity and whims of creating, aka my Muse, takes me to strange places, sometimes.

My stories, fanfic and professional, are... odd. Just as I am odd.

As a kid, I was "weird". According to the professionals at the time, I was "brilliant but disorganised" and needed something to keep my creativity in one place. Not that that worked very well.

I did not have a wide social

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