Friday, Unfuckening and Stuff

I have so many things I have been procrastinating about, and one of them is plugging species info into Alfarell. I have a few that need elucidation.

That will give me something to show my Patrons, next week.

Bad news: No apology from the antagonist.
Good news: No revenge either.

I was having anxious conniptions about that all day yesterday. To the point where it impeded my ability to set-dress the level I just finished.

In my plans for today are cleaning the catio, feeding the Starters, putting out the recycling, adding one thing to Alfarell, getting up to twenty rooms furnished in TaleSpire, and attempting to come up with in-head strategies to deal with my whole self-blame thing.

The out-head strategies belong mostly to Beloved who (a) spotted that I had it, and (b) vowed to help me get better.

One day. One day, I will get this being human thing down pat.