I Dunno...

Liposomal vit C worked to lift my spirits, reset my energy levels, and otherwise make me make myself do things. BUT it tastes like arse and I really can't do my dose of that on the daily.

It's psychologically implausible.

Sugarless vit C comes in a handy "chewable" tablet that I swallow whole because I firkin hate chewable vitamins. It gets digested anyway, right? What sadistic genius invented "chewable" vitamins anyway?

I was made to suck on those intensely citrusy bastards when I was a kid. I've despised the existence of oranges ever since. Chewing one of them is anathema to me. Just. No. Give me a pill to swallow and I will thank you. Give me a pill and insist I chew it and I will start a gorram revolution.

Those things are firkin NAFF. End of.

LipC works fast because fat absorption. It also tastes like citrusy arse because of the lipids. I could chew a "chewable", but I'm not gonna. They work slower because it's just the vitamin C. And even slower in my case because I refuse to have them in my mouth longer than it takes to swallow those shits.

So for me, everything's in slow-mo until my bod catches up with the news that I have vitamin C now.

Which means that my brain gremlins are trying to convince me that this is all a waste of my time and I should give up and be depressed five-ever because nothing works for long/at all.

Yeah. Fuck those guys. I'm sticking with it.