Challenge #02059-E235: Betrayal is a Two-Way Street

“You really ought to learn not to be so trusting,” ze sneered. “The world’s a dangerous place.”

“Clearly you’ve never met a pissed-off human before.” She smiled. “Please, allow me to... enlighten you.” -- Anon Guest

The Human interlaced her fingers and twisted them about to make a sound like several walnuts being crushed at once. While the guards were wincing at that intolerable sound, she casually purloined one of their polearms and used it to stun the other one.

It happened so quickly.

The polearm became a whirling dervish of destruction, laying waste to the ornamental guards in the room and the very few who were competent at their weapons. Even when the blade broke, the handle was still used to lay them all flat. They were alive, but the message was clear. They could easily be not alive in a matter of minutes.

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