I'm so Tired

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5hrs Sleep or Less!

Lesson 1: D&D Sessions can be LONG.

Lesson 2: Most of it is arguing.

Lesson 3: If you can give the crew a good belly laugh on your first try, you're good.

I fucked my stealth check on the first try, introduced that particular mechanic about my Kobold. Kind of stumbled into a puzzle quest and accidentally ended up being the bravest member of the party by being the last out of the room when it was a room full of dragon.

Just one. You don't need many dragons to fill a room.

I had a lot of fun, but my throat is raw from all the shrieking. Gerroff's an excitable little critter.

Today... I have other potentially exhausting things. And potentially fun things. I might float the concept of a partial family excursion because I probably shouldn't be driving on less than 5 hours sleep.

Especially not on 2+ hour trips to Boronia Heights and back -_-

I promised MeMum some tech support for her birthday. I'm gonna deliver.

Also, I have waiting for me in Chermside MY NEW LAPTOP. A thing greatly anticipated and eagerly awaited. So OFC I'm going there and getting it.

I didn't get the notice until after closing hours, so IDK what's up with that. Whatever. I'm getting my lappy! It's only taken 2 years of daily creation, some months of bitcoin trading, and almost ANOTHER year of waiting, but I'm firkin getting it! AT LAST!

Today's instant story will be happening soon. Today's TAZ story may not happen for a while. Because diverse excursions. Because fuckup factor. Because my day is packed.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

It's Wednesday and I'm a dummins

I don't have a pre-arranged topic for this Wordpress Wednesday, so I have to think one up before I can post one, I guess. I could plausibly do How My Brain Allegedly Works or My Routine Is Not Your Routine. Or something about how my battery is still low despite all my efforts to charge it.

I'll find something to bitch about, and maybe get a couple of pages out of it.

Maybe I could gas about Murder Dollhouse again, since that

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I am operating on less than six hours of sleep. Want to know how I know? I play Sunken Secrets on my phone. I sent some balloons away on a six-hour wait-fest before I went to sleep and woke up before they returned.

Needless to say, I am not the happiest of campers, this morrow.

I did a little something productive, ran out of idea, and attempted to return to sleep with mixed results. I got maybe a two-hour nap or less

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I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night watching murder documentaries.

I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night playing Factorio.

I should get to bed at a reasonable hour - anywhere between eight and nine thirty - and get a reasonable amount of sleep.

I should focus on doing the things that needs must be done, instead of faffing off to play a building-things-incessantly game.

Long story short, I didn't get a lot of sleep

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Whoops, I Procrastinated

Shitty internet yesterday made me derail myself and I didn't get around to my wordpress thing until this morning. Which I could have done at 4AM when I couldn't sleep because I don't even know.

Perhaps, when my diet is more balanced, I will sleep better. It worked in the early days of Keto when I was having more protein. Perhaps it will work again.

In the meantime, I re-learn my habits, listen to my cravings, and sort my shit out. Sometimes

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It's 6:30 AM. It's overcast. And I got to bed at around 11:30 last night.

If there was a better day to just roll over and snooze in bed, I can't name it.

Unfortunately for me, I have this whole 'parental responsibilities' thing that means I have to do the brat run and all that noise. Chaos has foxtails because I couldn't be arsed doing the usual topsy cascade thing. Mayhem's okay, he got everything organised before I dragged myself

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Can I skip today?

Monday wore me out. Tuesday, likewise. I am not built for extended travel. If I'm going long distances for extended periods of time, I need like 12 to 24 hours to recuperate after the travel, please.

Today, after two days of hither and yon, after going through the emotional wringer, after coming home after all that and still wringing a piece of coherent story out of my addled brain... I want nothing more than to retreat into a pillow-fort of solitude and

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Oof and ow

So first thing, I managed to damage my wrists, yesterday. I also managed to poison myself with Chaos' anti-nit treatment. So I not only have the Runs, but also painful wrists.

So we're skipping Resistance Training. Due to ill health.

Then Beloved wants to go on a shopping spree. Which has taken us from about 9:30 this morning through to one in the afternoon.

So now all my spoons have gone, I have to schedule my Blasts From the Pasts on

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New meds... hooray?

Since the Serotonin was making me constantly semi-drowsy, my doctor switched me out to Zoloft. Or, in this case, the generic, no-brand equivalent of Zoloft because the Australian medical system is not the price-gouging hell-hole that the US has got.

I'm on half a pill, taken in the evening, to scale up to a whole pill later on. And right now, because I dropped the Serotonin and took up the Zoloft, I feel pretty damn awful.

There's the post-swimming heaviness, the difficulty

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Thrice-special day

Today's the day!

Today's the day my Beloved celebrates another trip around the sun.

Today's the day I get my wound seen to and possibly the results of what the blip actually was.

Today's the fourteenth day on Serotonin and the day when all the effects have evened out.

Thanks to birthday cards with gift cards in them, Beloved has $100 to fritter in JB's. Half of that is thanks to MeMum and the other half is me. Huzzah.

I've no doubt

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Milestones and Procrastination

I've hit a new low, today! 88.5 kilos, hooray. And I have Sardine Pizza to thank for it.

Yes, it's one of my dietary abominations. Take one $3 pizza from Aldi's, and two tins of Golden Circle sardines. Add the sardines to the pizza, garnish with mushrooms and cheese, and bake according to the pizza box instructions.

Since the Golden Circle sardines are super big, this pizza is super-filling, and I only had two slices of this abomination and it kept

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Ow ow ow ow ow...

Beloved has a day off Mondays, because working on Saturdays is a thing during the Melbourne Cup wind-up. This, I thought, would be a prime opportunity to get them to adhere to the rest of the house's rules.




Beloved had a great case of persistent inertia and gave me the Irrits. Which culminated in a crescendo of me yelling about all the things that Beloved does to piss me the fuck off.

Good news - cleaning the gritty bits

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If there's anything more irritating to live with than a case of the Slo-Mo's, I can't think of it right now.

I couldn't get to sleep until Beloved came home. Well, not properly. I managed to cat-nap until that time. And then I woke at four in the morning. Too tired to sleep.

Which is a bitch if there ever was one.

Since Beloved was home late, I gave up on the morning walk and dived straight into getting the kids organised.

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Swag Day!

Celebrations are done and I have yet to scoop up the wrapping paper. But this year was a decent haul.

Beloved gift-wrapped the meds I sent them to get and the pegs I asked for. Sneaky sod. But I also got some sweet tech out of the deal.

  • A shower speaker that I can blue-tooth link to my phone and blast Steam Powered Giraffe whilst I lather up.
  • A bluetooth radio deelie that I can also link with my phone and have
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Why do I hurt myself?

As you'd expect, Beloved and I played Factorio pretty much all damn day. It's deliciously distracting. As a direct result, it was already pretty late when we finally gave up on it to watch some TV.

Two episodes of Daredevil on Netflix.

And episodes of Daredevil are longer than one might expect.

So it was almost firkin midnight before we lurched off to bed. And well after midnight before I actually fell asleep.

I am paying the price today.


In other

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