Sunday, Plague Day 6, worn

I still need rest. I am not playing any games with the crew tonight. This plague has left me feeling a lot more worn out than usual. The post-lurgi sensation of limp, greasy, unwantableness continues to linger. So I shall baby myself. Wait until I'm sure that I am up to snuff, so to speak, before I take some wobbling steps back into what passes for my normal routine.

I need my voice to stream. I don't need it to write. So. Until I can reliably talk for hours on end, I will not be streaming.

The antibiotics are working, I think. My last date with mucous appearance had white and clear chunks. What might even be bronchial casts, given the shapes.

Probably TMI but it's my blog and my illness and I'll document what I want to.

Mentally, I'm almost back on track. Physically and emotionally, I lack a lot of my former energy.

I might be sleeping a lot of today. I've certainly been writing a lot more. When Tuesday rolls around, the household Quarantine ends. Chaos returns to school and I... do what I can. When I can.

If I get near a new normal, I will stop counting the plague days.

Onwards to what matters - fiction!