Challenge #03492-I204: Covert Patriotism

The CRC keeps trying to reward them for going around rescuing Dereggers and going from station to station to help clean and repair things and getting the stations back on track. They only accept enough to keep their ship in good repair and have supplies. The rest? Well, there are now a couple of charities set up to help those in need. -- Fighting Fit

Picture in your mind a general transit made for just about any work within civilised space. The common name for such vessels is an Indie Clunker, and most of them are a collection of maintenance issues held together with ductape and the benevolence of the local JOATs. This one... is surprisingly well-maintained.

Lurking underneath that pitted hull is a set of the fastest engines and best defensive tech that the Alliance can provide. The life support system and molecular food printers are state of the art. At this point, the imagined observer might realise that the oxidation, pitting, and dents are there for subterfuge. Look at this clunker, it all seems to say, _It's amazing she's still getting anywhere.

She's called the Imahara Grant and her owner/captain is Human Tor. She has what one might call an interesting line of work. She calls it a patriotic duty. What she truly is, is an unsung hero of the Alliance.

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