Saturday, Plague Day 5, Recovery?

I'm feeling better and brighter today. I spent half the night horking up what felt like chunks of lung. So I have NO idea why I feel so firkin well-rested.

I am on antibiotics, which require me to eat something twice a day. A big ask for this nerd.

I'm waiting for my tea to cool, and I might have to take my horse pill with a dose of Shandy because I am actually hungry. This is a big deal for me.

I fed my starters this morning and may have a new way to enjoy the harvest. Add eggs, cream, and some sweetner, and it turns out kind of like a pancake. Something to keep in mind if I'm not feeling like something savoury.

I have used my voice without regret, so there's a hope that I can play some games this weekend.

I miss friend time in the game zone.

Story attempt happening soon.