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Challenge #04173-K155: What the Boss Makes

You do not want to go there!

"Why not?"

For every day you earn working, they only allow you to keep a few seconds of it, their taxes will take EVERYTHING from you. You make clothing, and you will have it ripped from your hands and you will only be allowed to keep a few threads. They say it's for your own good, but the truth is, if you make a dollar, you will only keep a dime, and THAT is only if they even allow you to make anything at all. They WANT people poor, just so they can gloat. -- Anon Guest

The first planetary system known as Greater Deregulation was never called Greater Deregulation. They were named later, after their general philosophy. Once the rest of the Alliance caught on, they all gained the common nickname.

The first was called the Shining Fiscal Empire of Libertarian Freedom and Light. Quite a lot more of a mouthful than Greater Deregulation Upper West.

They were a Terran colony, so they were welcomed into the United Fellowship of Terran Planets. It was the following weeks that the trouble began. Or rather, the implacable demands. The howling about their inalienable rights, which they all knew. Well, which all the leaders claimed they knew.

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Challenge #04169-K151: Foiled Escape Plans

The weather was warmer than usual, and though the CEO's and their reporters were touting how this was a good thing, and that a warmer, wetter, world was good for the people, others were taking notice. While the CEO's, subtly, not so subtly, began building sea-walls to protect their mansions, the rest of the populace of the world began to defy their masters, and work on ways to curbing emissions. Those CEO's that tried to stop them... got a sharp reminder that

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Challenge #04156-K138: Scarab, Elevated

You claim that I have everything and you have nothing. No, my friend, that is far from the truth.

You have close friends, you have loved ones you can truly trust, you have people who you know for a fact would be there for you no matter what.

All I have is money, and people constantly seeking it. My dearest dream is to just have one true friend who wants to be at my side as yours are. You can take all

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Challenge #04145-K127: Do the Math

"You're a CEO.... but.. you're paying for the High Grade air and water filters for your people??"


"AND paying them higher wages with... HEALTH and HOUSING BENEFITS with paid time off??"

"That I am."

"So how in the name of MONEY are you making so much profit??"

"Oh that's easy. My people are happy, and they are healthy. Happy, healthy, workers means good production. They also tell me if something is wrong, and I mitigate it quickly. Safety is included."


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Challenge #04039-K021: The Scapegoat Bites Back

The planet was polluted, the oceans were half-dead, the air was hazardous. The CRC were about to send in Pax Humanis to "begin the cleanup" when something ... strange happened. The planet was getting cleaned up, healthcare reform was happening, and people had proper equipment to survive the toxins. And who ordered this? Of all people, the NEW CEO who'd just taken over! -- Fighting Fit

The finger had been on the metaphorical trigger when the change in regime happened. It wasn't announced

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Challenge #04036-K018: Stay Sharp

Multiple CEO's get together and put a major bounty on the heads of known Pax Humanis members. The Pax Humanis is a too effective weapon for the CRC. They are determined to slow it down. -- Fighting Fit

Several critical misunderstandings were involved in the resulting mess. First, that Pax Humanis was smaller than it truly was. Second, that eliminating the members they knew about would end the threat to themselves. Third, that the bounty hunter they tried to hire was not

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Challenge #04030-K012: Double Down Defeat

The Pax Humanis member decides not to kill the young CEO they were sent to investigate. Instead, they begin a proper education, after first killing those that lead hir astray. The cruelty was due to ignorance and inexperience, not deliberate. -- Anon Guest

People hear "Pax Humanis" and think of bloodthirsty maniacs that need to be contained for everyone's safety. They're not wrong, but there's also those among the organization who are a lot less extreme. The Justices, as we call ourselves.

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Challenge #04022-K004: One Person's Nightmare...

The world had been a toxic sludge pit. The CEOs were all dead now thanks to the pollution that had caused that disease outbreak. The populace was rescued by the CRC. Now, nearly 5 centuries later, inoculated against it, some return to rescue their former homeworld, with the CRC's aid and blessing. -- Fighting Fit

Most of the volatile components left on the world had broken down to less harmful ones. The world once named Rykodaan was, at least nominally, safe for

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Challenge #03857-J205: Taken For Granted

They never notice when we come to their world. Our bodies and faces are so nondescript as to be completely... forgettable. These nanomachines we carry, slowly going into their human resources, curing diseases, treating injuries, ensuring health despite the lack of infrastructure. And these healthy people rising up when they realize their CEOs are actively trying to keep them sick and weak. Breakdown of a society is sad, but the rebuild is always so satisfying. -- Anon Guest

Something horrible is happening

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Challenge #03833-J181: Obligation to Duty

An SOS went out that ships of Thranatyr and Humans both caught. BOTH sets of warships showed up at the planet. Who was sending the SOS? Women and children trying to flee. Who were they fleeing? The militant CEO's that were using it as a slave planet. Imagine the CEO's shock when the Deregger warships met the angry ships of Vorax and Humans? -- Anon Guest

There was a plaque on the bridge of the ship. A reminder, said the owner and

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Challenge #03813-J161: Where They Never Look

The Dereggers INSIST on inspecting my ship every single time I state I'm ready to take off. I don't mind. My cargo I get there is always strapped in properly. My living cargo? Well, heh, there's a reason that domicile-sized crate hasn't moved from Cargo Hold B ever since I started making my run. That reminds me, it's my turn to do laundry, gotta run! -- DaniAndShali

"Hello and good morning, Officer Croupki," cheered Trader Xiik, smile wide on their face. "How's

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Challenge #03784-J131: Learn or...

CEO -- "It's not FAIR!"

"It's that or you go to prison"

CEO -- "Then how in the name of hell am I supposed to control them this way?"

"You could always try being fair and giving them what you promised."

CEO -- "THAT is blackmail!"

"You have your two choices, so choose."

The CEO is ordered by the CRC to either have all of their interactions live-streamed 24 / 7, including board room meetings, work in the office, and so forth, along

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Challenge #03778-J125: Listen to the Echoes

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result. Dereggers have that layer of insanity down in spades. These dereggers keep trying to find out why dereg empires keep falling. And then absolutely refuse to accept the results. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Because doubling down on bad decisions and ignoring replicable data is what that side of the political spectrum does best]

"Obviously our brothers in righteousness allowed themselves to become soft

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Challenge #03723-J070: One Simple Request

If the women cannot have their freedom, then THEY cannot have more children! The women, almost all of them on the planet, agree to take a reversable treatment which leads them to be barren. And the only ones who can reverse it? The Alliance. The CEO's refuse to give them freedom? The CEO's population can vanish! -- Anon Guest

Of course the Alliance gave them the weapon in their battle. Something easy to smuggle in, easy to apply, and very very hard

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Challenge #03720-J067: Important Standards

A highly arrogant Deregger decided to send to the "alliance scum" all of the "unwanted wastes of space." The elderly unable to work anymore, the "r-words" in their view who were not worth keeping alive, the disabled, the drug-addled wastrels, etc. Why? To try to swamp them with the "wastes of society" and prove that these individuals were too much for anyone to keep alive. It... backfired. -- Anon Guest

It seemed like a brilliant flash of genius to the Deregger community.

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